This was posted 9 years 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Soul Calibur V Collector Ed PS3 - $33 + $4.90 Shipping from Mighty Ape. (TOTAL $37.90)


Soul Calibur V Collector edition - PS3 $33 (+$4.90 shipping) from Mighty Ape

The Collector Edition includes:

  • Special Book style display box
  • Soul Calibur V game
  • Hardcover Artbook
  • Soundtrack CD
  • Making of Bluray (PS3 only, it's DVD on 360 version)
  • 1 DLC card including 2 sets of armors for the customization parts
  • Signed art from the team
  • Parchment letter with greetings from the Dev team

I usually order couple of games and they only charged me $4.90 for all of the games.

Mighty Ape also has Duke Nukem and Brink for $8.00. Pretty cheap and can't complain much even if the game isn't that good.

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    Thanks for this deal. I have yet to buy an Aussie distributed video game in maybe a decade now. I keep expecting the crazies to ban or censor a game to s**t because it featured the offensive act of stealing candy from a baby.

    I get all my games from either the US or Europe.

    I decided I'll bite on this one because I like the pretty artwork.

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      I think Mighty Ape are based in NZ and it looks like this game is UK Pal edition. So not an Aussie distributed game at all. But good deal nonetheless .

  • They have a pretty good deal on the Mad Catz & Hori Soul Calibur V Fight Sticks too. Does anyone have any info on what internals and buttons/stick they use? I imagine the Hori would be better but would like some knowledge :P

    • Both use all Sanwa stick and buttons(genuine arcade parts). Only difference is the casing, and the buttons are wired differently (The MadCatz is set up to comply with the SoulCalibur configuration out of the box, which means you'll have to reconfig when playing other fighting games).

      Otherwise exactly the same. Both use the NOIR button layout, so it's perfect for NAMCO fighters.