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Tontine Pillow Exchange October 2012 - Swap Your Old Pillow for a New One for FREE


Melbourne Pillow Exchange
Thursday at 6:00am
8 guests
Federation Square
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Sydney Pillow Exchange
Thursday at 6:00am
6 guests
Wynyard Park
Sydney, Australia

Brisbane Pillow Exchange
Thursday at 9:00am
7 guests
Queen Street Mall
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Highpoint Shopping Centre Pillow Exchange
Friday, October 5, 2012 at 9:00am
9 guests
Highpoint Shopping Centre
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Macquarie Centre Pillow Exchange
Friday, October 5, 2012 at 9:00am
1 guest
Macquarie Centre
Ryde, New South Wales, Australia

Eastlands Shopping Centre Pillow Exchange
Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 9:00am
4 guests
Eastlands Shopping Centre
Hobart, Tasmania

Chadstone Shopping Centre Pillow Exchange
Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 9:00am
6 guests
Chadstone Shopping Centre
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Westfield Parramatta Pillow Exchange
Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 9:00am
2 guests
Westfield Sydney
Sydney, Australia

Casuarina Square Shopping Centre Pillow Exchange
Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 9:00am in UTC+09:30
Casuarina Square Shopping Centre
Darwin, Northern Territory

Westfield Tea Tree Plaza Pillow Exchange
Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 9:00am in UTC+09:30
4 guests
Westfield Tea Tree Plaza

Westfield Carousel Pillow Exchange
Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 9:00am in UTC+08
1 guest
Westfield Carousel
Cannington, Western Australia

Pacific Fair Shopping Centre Pillow Exchange
Saturday, October 13, 2012 at 9:00am
5 guests
Pacific Fair Shopping Centre
Broadbeach, Queensland, Australia

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  • +2

    For those who don't want to go to FB..[you don't need to like, join, follow or register]…

    Bring your old pillow and swap it for a fresh new one, for free while stocks last.

    Over time, an entire ecosystem grows inside your pillow, made up of your dead skin cells and the things that feed on them. So ask yourself - what are you really holding on to? If your pillow's more than two years old, it's time to let it go.

    [locations as above]

    Any questions? Ask us on our Timeline:

    Offer available while stocks last. Limit of one pillow per person. Pillows are not for resale.

    • +2

      take a pillow leave a pillow

  • What does guest means?
    Why is it different each location?

    • It's just the number of people who are going (from FB)

  • +8

    Awesome, get to use a pillow on the bus!

  • +8

    Lol this is such a random deal

  • how many pillows can we exchange?

    • +1

      One per person while stocks last, according to their terms

    • +2

      i believe one person can exchange one, but there is no rule that you can not bring your family and each member of your family exchange their own pillow

      • +6

        It's 'while stocks last'.
        Don't be "The Broadens"

  • Bring any brand pillow or just tontine only?

    • Any

  • Weird. There is another Eastland shopping center!

    • +38

      They're giving you a free pillow. Stop complaining.

    • +13

      1: More people can make it to the metro areas

      2: Postage costs money

    • +1

      your chance for a freebie is here

    • +7

      You're just upset you got.. wait for it.. pillowned

    • There will be much bigger marketing effect if they make 100s of people line up in front of their counter (and all holding pillows!) They are not giving away their pillow for nothing!

  • What pillow will they give you?

    • +16

      It's an exchange, you just SWAP it with someone else…

      frankly I don't see the point… :S

      • +17

        Bahahaha that literally did make me lol.. that's just nasty

      • -4

        That someone else is Tontine for a fresh new pillow, as per details stated on the facebook event.

        • You don't need a facebook account to view the details. Go to:

          I don't think the original link works coz i keep getting page cannot be displayed

  • so what happen last year? was it a waste of time? eg long queues or limit stock?

    • +1

      It worked well. Short queue, fast no question asked exchange. Didn't even get out of my car when they did it in a car park. No shortage of new pillows.

      • +14

        Will they ask any questions if the pillow has blood on it? Just wondering…

        • +10


        • LoL…

        • +1

          Bit the pillow too hard ay?

        • I get nose bleeds

        • I think there'll be pillows with worse than blood on it

        • Well if they ask, tell them that!

          No worries ;)

    • I went into a shopping centre. Doncaster, VIC. Queue was very long at the start. I passed it later in the day, queue was very short and they'd just replenished the pillows.

  • +8

    i see that people in canberra dont use pillows according to tontine :(.

    (we never get anything like this)

    • +21

      Possible advertising slogan opportunity?

      "Canberra: The city that never sleeps!"

    • +3

      Canberrans and Queanbeyanites wouldn't deign to rest their weary heads on such low grade products.

      • haha… "Queanbeyanites"

  • Which range/size of the Tontine pillows did they hand out last time?

    • I'm curious to know as well.

  • +4

    Maybe they're collecting used pillows for a scientific study…

    "The Prevalence of Dust Mites and Fleas in Bedroom Pillows" by Tontine et al.

    • +8

      Or they are collecting the DNA samples from the pillows, to create an army of clones!

      • +2

        It's a clone you only need one sample

    • +1

      For a torture chamber ofcourse. They fill up a room with the nastiest pillows and throw douchebags in.

  • wondering how many pillow they are gonna to giveaway.. as the event stated 9 am -5 pm….

    • It might be in proportion to the population density of the area they're distributing the pillows. You're lucky - it starts at 6 am for Wynyard Park, Sydney.

  • this may be a dumb question but does it have to be a tontine branded pillow? or like any pillow?

    • +10

      Any. I'm actually thinking about bringing a rock and saying thats my pillow.

      • or a really tiny pillow

    • Any pillow, limit one per person though.


    From the FAQ it seems they are using this to advertise their "stamped pillows". As it also says "For now, only Tontine synthetic filled pillows will be date stamped. Foam, latex and feather & down pillows will not be stamped" I imagine they are giving away synthetic filled pillows.

  • I have my pillow from literally over 20 years now..

    • Seriously, my pillow is over 2 years and it has never been washed

      • +6

        You can wash a pillow?
        I mean… what? You haven't washed yours for 2 years? gasp!

  • how much is the normal price of the pillow?

  • Great comments!!!!!!!!

  • Hard to believe people haven't gotten Dunlopillo pillows yet. Just thinking about using my old non dunlopillo pillow makes me sick.

    • +6

      Hard to believe people haven't gotten Dunlopillo pillows yet.

      Bridgestonepillo pillows performs better in the wet.

      I've yet to try Goodyearpillo pillows though…

  • Do they take stained pillows?

    • +12

      Yes, but only in Teak or Mahogany…

    • i have seen pillow that almost black, and they took any size and type of pillow

    • +1

      The more stain on your pillow, the better pillow you'll get.

    • +7

      jv posted a comment with +'s

      World is coming to an end

  • Does anyone know what sort of pillow they are giving away? Not wasting my time if its a nasty $3 job you get in Target.

    • +1

      go to target, check what is the cheapest price of tontine pillow

  • +1

    pillow fight!

  • +3

    Heh, remember the money-saving tips thread? ;-p…

    I washed my wife's and my pillow the other day. They're a better Jaspa type, nice and springy. (Hey, washing costs less than the petrol to pick up a new one!)

    Pillow into laundry sink. Woolworths mould killer removes any mould/stains. Spray and leave ten minutes for marks to fade. Then rub pillow's own material against itself to dissolve any remaining marks. (There's another money saving tip there btw… The WW stuff has the same chemicals but slightly stronger than the real "Exit Mould".)

    Then half-fill laundry sink with water. Sprinkle pillow with laundry powder. Rub powder into the casing, squeeze pillow, release, etc. several times to flush soapy water through pillow. This reduces most of the bleach smell. Empty sink and squeeze most of the water out.

    Refill sink halfway with clean water. Rinse, squeeze, etc. Empty sink. Do another rinse - basically keep rinsing until nearly no suds.

    Then into washing machine for a spin cycle. (No other wash cycles - they can make the contents shift, making it lumpy.)

    Hang on clothes line vertically (remaining water runs to the bottom) early on a hot day. Put back onto bed. There will be a little bleach smell - that disappeared in a couple of days. Voila - 2x new pillows!

    TIP: I could just be the lazy cheapskate that lets my wife do it. But it's more fun to be a lazy SMART cheapskate - that does it himself - then calls wife into bedroom, points, and grins like an idiot, until she gets the hint you've earned some "bedding gratitude." 8-p…

  • I don't feel like waking up at 5, to get there by 6am, will there be any left at around mid-day you reckon?

  • For reference, here's last year's deal

    • +1

      Last year, people reported it to be a

      Simply Fresh pillow 44862466

      However there's no guarantee what it'll be this year.

  • +1

    I did some research into the past deals and it seems to be the Tontine Simply Fresh Pillow which retails for $21 at Target.

    Look at bottom-right image and take note of the campaign name "fresh pillow"

    Compare to Simply Fresh Pillow

    This past deal confirms the model up for exchange in 2010.…

  • Anyone who doesn't think this deal is AWESOME clearly doesn't have as many manky, lumpy, crap old pillows on their bed as I do. You know, the "extra" ones you just chuck on there for fun for some stupid reason that put your neck out and you can never get comfy, and OH GOD THIS PILLOW IS RUINING MY LIFE BUT I CAN'T THROW IT OUT.

    Bring on Saturday!!

  • Do you have to fill in something when you get the pillows? I work in the city and could get there twice to exchange a pillow.

  • WHat a random but cool thing :)

  • What happens to the old pillows?

  • +1

    I love the comment on facebook "pillows are not for sale."

    So what are we gonna to do. Tuck the pillow under our shirt. Walk down the street and when someone walks past lift our shirt up.. and you "**psssss*** You interested in a pillow."

  • Got my free pillow this morning at 6:20am at Wynyard Park, no queues and no wait. They were in the middle of setting up a photo both at the time. Just throw your old pillow into this really big container and then pick up your new one.

    Now I can get back to checking ozbargin for more deals! Interested to see how many times people visit the site in a day?

    • I was there a few minutes after you.

      Anyway to answer the question most people have in mind, the pillow they exchanged is a Tontine Fresh Pillow with polyester filling and cotton fabric cover.

    • just passed and saw they still got plenty and i forgot bring my pillow :(

  • just got mine @ 8am

    no wait, and they give you a lanyard with your photo on it!

  • Till what time do they give pillows today @ Melb. Federation Square? Is there a queue?

  • Brisbane are refusing to give out pillows until the start time (9am) due to "permit issues".

    • +5

      No queue at 0945 in Brissie outside Myers.
      Also they did registration for competition.
      Maybe 50 used pillows in exchange bin.

      Noon update: no queue, approaching 200 exchanged & so many pillows left according to staff

      So free pillow. Picked up a free frozen coke at HJ, then 1/2 price Aussie Burger at Post Office Square HJ (shake n win App). Hopped on free bus outside HJ to Dominos at Spring hill for free pancakes.
      Still have free restaurant meal tonight (left over birthday freebie).

      Oh OB, you've done it again!

  • ok no queues at Wynard Park. About 5 Tontine Representatives on Standby ready to assist you in anyway.

    • Any left at Wynard Park?

  • Is it still on tomorrow? Was too tired to go to the city today…

  • Do they take your name so if you go early then come back later to change another pillow will they know?

    • +1

      No. Staff are rotated, so unlikely you would be spotted. Unless you come back with a stack of pillows!
      Of course you are just being thoughtful, getting another for your partner/ mother/ child/ pet…

  • Picked mine up from Queen St just before. Gave them my email for some optional prize draw, but seems like you can exchange your pillow without filling anything out. Looked like they still have plenty left.

  • Anyone happen know exactly where in the Macquarie Centre at Ryde, the swap is ?
    Its just I get lost very easily in big places like that - seriously.

    • +1

      I saw on their facebook page that it will be opposite OPSM on bottom level.

      We will be in the centre court opposite Priceline and OPSM. Remember to bring your old pillow to swap it for a fresh new one, for free. It's limited to one pillow per person and while stock lasts, so come down early! Thanks.

      • Thanks for that Gerrard, much appreciated.

        • +1
        • Thanks ralliart, I'm heading there soon

        • it is quite

        • +1

          Got 2 - went through twice - a bit naughty.
          First time no queue - immediate pickup.
          Second time an hour later and a bit of a wait.
          Great deal, thanks Tontine and Ozbargain OP.
          My old pillows were at least 10 years old and totally manky.

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