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Red Bull Energy Drink Watermelon 250mlx12 - $18 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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Not for everyone but i'm sure some of you buy it because i see it posted her occasionally.

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    I actually prefer this flavour on hot days. Almost same price as if buying 4 packs from Aldi for their own brand.

    At Aldi last week my local sold out of 4 packs of their own brand, so took 4 singles to checkout and even wrote

    the code of 4 pack down to give to the checkout person. After politely requesting she could ring up/charge me

    the lower 4 pack price and letting her know the code, I was flately refused. Said "can't do that, not allowed???"


    • +15

      Would mess the inventory system up if people did this , it is definitely not allowed

      • -5

        Are you serious? 4 x1 = 4 & 1 x 4 = 4 & 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 also. They sure are not charging more

        to dispose of the cardboard 4 pack wrapper lol. Maybe extra 30 seconds in stacking and packing?

        • +5

          They are different SKUs , i worked inventory. It would put the 4 packs at -1 than what they are supposed to have and the singles at 4+

          • @Sandwichface: Though the reverse of this would happen often enough when a customer snaps a can out of a four pack on the shelf and takes the single can to the register. You see that in bottle shop fridges all the time.

            • +2

              @park: Yep , i was the one who had to fix the counts all the time for this haha

      • Yep, if the loose cans come in as a separate stock item to the four packs (and it's not just a staff member breaking the four packs up in the aisle)

        • -6

          I get all that. Used to manage bottle shops, bars and wineries. Hell we had to estimate how

          much was even left in the bottles, we did not measure though, just guessed haha.

          Point is the rules of robots and computer systems now override both common sense And

          customer service. Aldi needs some more competittion lol.

          • +2

            @ozhunter68: Sorry, so you just acknowledged the idea of them being separate items yet you still feel entitled to them being charged the same way - despite not being the same items? Huh?!

            If rules weren't put in place, we'd be living in chaos. Common sense has nothing to do with this. Even if it did, you'd still be in the wrong.

            • @Munki: Although I agree you are technically correct, the orld was Not Chaos before Computers and Scanning Barcodes. Are you not wise enough to see there are 10 ways (or more) to "skin a cat" oops, not politically correct (I love cats and all animals). They years ago when working in bar (The Albert Park Hotel), my new manager would allow giving away "some free drinks" to certain customers in certain situation. Customers loved it and came back for more, pubs and bars were in business much better back then than now, and yes, we already practiced "responsible serving of alcohol" That was a time before the Pokie machines were introduced to Victoria legally by the Government. Although warned before hand by various groups, many pokie customers/addicts fall prey to "Chaos" in their own lives, friends and family often too, sometimes even like one of my old friends ending up in Death! Are you using common sense?

              • @ozhunter68: Your manager was probably sending the owners broke that's why they introduced electronic system to better police their business.

                • @CptnObvious: My manager was brought in from National Australia Bank when a bussines goes into

                  receivership.I was one of only 3 staff to stay on, and the new manager turned the bussiness around

                  with his really friendly hospitable style drwing many new patrons ( he used to be a Floor Manager at

                  London Casino and owned many successfull resteraunts and nightclubs in Melbourne). I have worked

                  directly with 3 Multimillionare successfull bussines owner/managers in hospitality who all had great

                  old fashioned people skills and often gave free drinks or discounts to some people in certain

                  situation, and customers were loyal and came back again.

                  Too many people make blind assumtions, and you know what they say,…..

                  "when you assume you make an ass out of you and me!

                  P.S. The hotel group five intotal were the first in Melbourne to have the Canadian "Remanco"

                  electronic/computer ordering system operating in the early 90's and went belly up anyway.

              • @ozhunter68: Executive summary: 55 year-old bloke incensed that minimum wage supermarket checkout operator didn't take his word for it and allow him to recite a barcode number of his choice instead of the one on the product.

                While inventory inconsistencies can indeed be rectified through a stocktake or whatever, the managers wouldn't be allowing the frontline staff to actively create problems of this nature. And especially not when it's just someone who wants to save 50 cents or something.

                • @park: For a start Aldi pays above award wages. Not sure what someones age has got to do with

                  good customer service. After they enter code their screen will show what product(s) it's for,

                  supermarkets/retail often does this, and at the time there was no body in the cue so was not

                  holding anyone up.

          • @ozhunter68: They likely also get charged differently based on the single or 4 packs

    • Nah thats standard practise also they would be losing profit that way. Why should they do that ?

      • Standard practice for some these days maybe, but losing out on customers makes you

        lose out on much more profits in the long run. That is why some Aldi managers sometimes

        honour a return even Without a receipt, not because they have to by Law, but to satisfy

        customers so they come back to spend more so they Will make much more profit later

        again and again.

  • +1

    It's $59 spend now for free shipping

  • This is a good deal. The price of watermelons have gone up substantially the last couple of years.

    • Bruh moment

  • delicious with vodka

  • sometimes you gotta ride the bull.

  • Sold out? I see it as $31.46.

  • I love watermelon, but anything that's supposed to taste like watermelon makes be want to puke.

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