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[PC, Steam] Free - Project Asteroids @ Steam


Rated "Mostly Positive".

Starting December 2023, our game's monetization method will shift, marking the end of its free status. However, those who've already added it to their libraries need not fret; the game will remain in your collection.

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    This is an MMO, so free is the only price anyone should pay.

    • What is the logic here 🤔

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        MMOs are a dime a dozen, and most of them are free. The paid ones ALL fail (and most of the free ones too), unless they're as huge as WoW.

        As numbers inevitably dwindle, you'll end up playing on a server in the US or EU with terrible ping. Eventually they'll just close it all down and then there's not even a single player option. History has shown this pattern is very reliable.

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          I like the part where you basically said 'Paid MMOs fail unless they become a huge success'

          Feel free to clarify if you just meant budget-wise

          • @NitrousOxide: Yes, I obviously meant the budget. If it's intended to stay small with minimal server requirements (and players aren't used as cash cows), it can work.

            An upfront, once-off payment for the game is acceptable to players but doesn't keep paying the bills for the devs, so regular income is required, but honestly, it's usually just greedy publishers (and some indie devs) who salivate about the thought of monthly subscriptions like WoW, without realising that reduces the player base by about 90% which in turn reduces the one appeal of an MMO - huge numbers playing the game.

  • I don't have asteroids, but my dad does. Can't even sit on the toilet some days.

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    at the same time


    OzBargain lost its mind again

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