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Up to 50% off BBQs & More, 20% off Gozney Roccbox, Ziggy Classic, Kamado Joe & Masterbuilt Gravity Fed @ Barbeques Galore

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Is the Kamado Joe Junior not included? Still full price listed on your website (but every other Kamado Joe appears discounted)

    • Hmm….looks like it's not included. This is the cheapest I've ever seen the KJ range at BBQ's galore. Although I did miss last year's Black Friday deals.

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    lol, was waiting for the sale to see if the new Beefmaster Griddle 4 burner would go on sale… it went up by $100.. haha Reverse-ozbargain.

    • Hah same, I was hoping the the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 800 might drop further — it went up by $40 :D

  • What's the best small electric bbq to get for a small family?

  • I'm relatively new to BBQing and have been looking at a Weber Master Touch Plus - is there anything on sale relatively comparable?

    • Pro Smoke Kettle on Cart 50% Off Now Just $299! Get it while it's hot!

      • Nice discount, but I can't find much in the way of reviews for this product. Anyone know how this compares to a Weber in terms of features or quality?

  • Ahh should I spring for a Roccbox or go for the Bunnings cheapy Jumbuck oven..

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      Roccbox all the way, leave nothing to chance.
      They're great quality and come with a five-year warranty when registered with Gozney.

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      don't do jumbuck, once they rust they're shit and completely fall apart.

      • Can u share some more details pls….do u mean the plate where u do cooking get rusted? I thought you can buy spare plates….we need to for vegetarians anyway…. what else r downside pls

        • I had my jumbuck for 4 years, left outside, but covered. Where the flame is, that metal plate basically disintegrated after 2 years and all 3 flames racks needed replacing. The bottom of the bbq was next, literally the bottom fell out. The flames were so inconsistent, i never cooked food the same each night. If you're looking for any good product just invest in something that is reputable, if anything it's an investment, if you're unsure get a used one for $50 and see how they cook, personally I wouldn't buy another one. While removing it from my yard it broke into pieces ahah! piece of crap. I also bought spare plates, which i kept for my nxt bbq, and that isn't the issue, its the jumbuck itself.

          I hope this helps.

          • @girafficlight: thanks for that. At this stage the main reason we are considering is the cost plus we anticipate the usage to be minimum…anticipate is key word here. Was it used heavily at your place during those years, assumes warranty must be lesser especially if it starts disintegrating in 2 years…

            we also looked at the other brand matador (I think) from bunnings, it was expensive but came more recommended from staff there.

            • +1

              @s0805: It was used heavily for sure! Matador i have used and liked, but worth taking a look on FB for a good used condition bbq, or a free one there's heaps about if you're looking to save a bit.

              • @girafficlight: Is this the new Jumbuck pizza oven? This was only released in August. Or was it the older style Jumbuck Torino?

    • I've been very happy with my roccbox. Very nice quality. The only minus I have is it can be a little hard to clean.

      • What do you need to clean to maintain your Roccbox if i may ask?

  • I have been wanting to buy the Beefmaster Griddle 6 Burner Flat Top BBQ but it actually went up by $300

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    Don't forget to stack with the celebration gift cards at Coles from tomorrow (max $500 per flybuys account)

  • In market for BBQ as well, never had one and usage would be quite minimal as well. After 4 burner and need side burner at bear minimum. Looked around in bunnings and found the Jumbuck is way cheaper…

    • Can't go past the legendary Nexgrill Ranger 4 Burner BBQ (with 16mj/h sear burner!)
      Internationally recognised brand and a sear like no other 🔥

      • @bbqsgalore, no side burner that i can see.

        • Correct, there is no side burner on this model.
          For an epic Nexgrill BBQ with sear burner and side burner check out the Nexgrill Cucina (20% Off for black Friday!)

  • @bbqsgalore - Can you make the 20% off apply to all Gozney accessories as well?

    • When you purchase a Dome or RoccBox Pizza Oven it will apply 🍕

      • Unfortunately some accessories are not discounted :( E.g. Gozney Roccbox Mantel

  • Would like to see a discount on Brass Monkey batteries

  • i want a new BBQ, im wondering what is the quality and cooking ability (heat spreading) difference between a budget unit like this:
    VS a more mid range one like this:
    vs a name brand like this:

    can all the above be converted to natural gas?
    and can a gas bbq cook a brisket at all? dont want to buy a smoker

    • +1

      You can definitely do a brisket in a gas BBQ, you'll need a decent size smoker box. Here's a good article on how to do it.


      • this looks like a good weekend challenge, ill look into it, i went with the 360 bargain bbq, good for a start

        • I am in market for entry level bbq…which one you leaning to…I like below but not many good reviews


          • @s0805: i went in store he gave it to me for $350. the thing is the quality of the $350 unit and the $800 unit is the exact same, so i went with the 350. the only ones that are better quality are the ones starting from $1,300 unit and up, which you can tell is better built, but that is almost 4x the price. if its your first bbq get the 350 dollar unit. even if it serves you a good 3 years its worth its price. its a great price for what it is and a step up from the shitty no brand names under 500

              • @s0805: yes

                • @Roe Jogan: asking given you bought it….you find this more sturdy than standard jumbuck ones at bunnings…also does it fit in sedan or need bigger car for pickup


                  • +1

                    @s0805: way better than shitbuck, and i had to open the box and put the parts in the sedan, take a knife/scissors to open the box.

                    on a side note, does anyone know where to exchange an old expired (no physical damage) bottle of gas with old connection to a new one?

                    • @Roe Jogan: thanks a lot for your feedback.

                    • @Roe Jogan: Just take to bunnings and do a swap with a filled up bottle. Ask them for one with a new type of connector.

                      • @Demux: oh how much will that cost on top of the old bottle?

                    • @Roe Jogan: Hi @Roe Jogan, how you going with this one. Have you light this up yet…what's it like. thinking of going this weekend to my local to get it

                      • @s0805: mate tomorrow is the day, went to buy a bunch of meat today, ill have to go get a gas tank from bunnings this afternoon, ill be able to tell you tomorrow afternoon. im planning on cooking some philly cheese steak sandwiches, smash burgers and good ole steak.

                        • @Roe Jogan: sounds awesome mate. I have changed my plans a little bit. bite the bullet on Weber Q via ebay deal today. still keen to get the one that you have for house. It will be subject to your review though….No pressure…lol

                          • @s0805: sounds good, weber Q is nice its just that i like the option of having both a grill and griddle (flat surface) next to each other, i know weber you can buy one for weber but the size is questionable (if its 2 people it should be fine), the quality there is no debate weber is on top 10 times over

                            • @Roe Jogan: agree mate. there is no right/wrong here just based on need really. I got Weber 2000 for $275 it was too tempting to let it go. Review online seems should be okay for 4 ppl and i agree with Webber i would have to spend more on accessories like cart/trolley, griddle etc…it didn't have side burner that was my main need but may as well use bbq when we travel….funny 2 weeks back wasn't sure which bbq and now i m looking to buy 2….lol

                            • @Roe Jogan: How did you go mate, what's the verdict?

                              • @s0805: made some smash burgers, turned out great, i wish the plates were a bit bigger though for big batches to cook faster, hey for 350 I cant be asking for more

                                • @Roe Jogan: thanks mate. i wonder can you buy the spare plate and cover the other half as well

                                  • @s0805: idk if they sell extra plates for this model its probably worth asking the sales people.

                                    • @Roe Jogan: cheers. I will see how I go with Weber and see if there is any need for this….end up spending too much on BF sales…at the worst they may have same special around boxing day…who knows

  • Roccbox or ooni 12”? What would people recommend?

    • +1

      Roccbox… based on my research, it holds the heat better and comes with a good peel?

      • +1

        Cheers. Think it’s what I’ll go with.

  • which best place to get LPG gas bottle 1st time. Bunnings has it for almost $80, after LCC27 connection…


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