Am I Better off Waiting till Black Friday 24/11 in My Situation?

My phone is currently living on the edge and unfortunately I do need one for work. The internals are showing due to damage to the screen, it doesn't respond to touches on the screen, the volume button will randomly go to max and the pulldown menu randomly triggers. Pixel 4a that's 3 years old.

Currently eyeing out the Samsung S23. I talked to customer support which gave me a $100 discount code but unfortunately it only lasts 1 week, i also get a 10% discount via their shop app so it's just shy under a 20% discount stacked together. Obviously any rational person would just wait till their phone dies but I don't want it dying out on the job, just wondering if i can expect the S23 base model to discount to at least 30% off.

They seem to be doing new sales every Friday till the end of the month and I can for sure make it till at least this Friday (every other day my phone seems to be getting a new issue).

Typically i'd buy a budget phone but even those now are massive, much prefer a compact phone. If only Sony released the ACE model internationally.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023


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    I think Samsung Black Friday mobile sales go live Friday 17th if I remember their promo correctly. But yes, I can assure you they will be at least 30% off RRP sometime in the near future.

    I'm waiting for the same. S24 drops in February though so also eyeing that.

    • Oh damn! Well guess i'll wait it out then haha, might have to beg someone to lend an old phone in the meantime

      • You also can talk to customer support for a new code (new account) just a day before promo - like 15 or 16th of November.

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    You can use the Samsung Trade Up app to trade any $2 Kmart earphones for $150 bonus.
    Add the $50 Samsung newsletter code linked to the same email.
    Also email (not live chat) and ask if you can get a 10% loyalty bonus code.
    The three above all stack with the $100 discount code and 10% Samsung app discount.

    My phone is 5 years old but staying strong. I'd like a cheap as chips S23 stack but I also want to see if Aus gets the Snapdragon S24.

    • So even if i have something valued at $1 they give me a $150 bonus anyway? do they have to be working at all? i've also got two dead old phones i need to get rid of lol

      • Dead phones probably will probably result in rejection with a $60 fee.
        Needs to be working - any earphones should be accepted if working, even worthless earphones from an airline

  • Asus Zenfone 9 is about the same size as the S23 and has a hefty discount at JB since the 10 is out:

    Pixel 7a is good value but a little bigger and heavier.

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      Not sure why the Google a series got so heavy.
      I wouldn't recommend Zenfone 9 since it only has 2 years total support

    • I would vouch against the Zenfone 9, wifi calling is not supported and the phone sometimes chews through the battery and gets excessively hot when connecting to wifi. I've tried a replacement and had the same issues so now went with a pixel 7, which is only a fraction larger in its dimensions

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    FYI I'm NOT a rep of kogan, Amazon or any phone brand.

    • Why don't you buy some cheap but yet decent enough phone from kogan or Amazon as a backup/second phone right now until you get your actual primary device? Because your pixel 4a might soon to unusable by the way you described it.

    My own example: I'm using a pixel 7 pro as my primary device, work, photo, social media…etc.

    But I do have a few secondary phones that are decent enough in case my primary device got broken or stolen. Pixel 5, Redmi note 12 etc. I also use them to play some mobile games when I'm bored so my primary device's battery stays as healthy as it can be.

    Just an advice, you can actually get decent phones on kogan for like $ 250 to $350

  • Samsung sales are struggling currently, look at historical data for the last 2 samsung models sold on black friday, it doesnt look that great to be honest.

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    1. Wait a couple of days
    2. Buy an iPhone from Apple Store
    3. Use until Black Friday Sales
    4. Return within 14 days of purchase under iPhone Return Policy

    If you are not fully satisfied with your iPhone purchase, you can return your undamaged iPhone to the Apple Online Store within 14 days of purchase for a full refund. Please check your Order Status online or call 133‑622 to request a return. The iPhone must be returned in the original packaging, including any accessories, manuals and documentation. Please note that returning your iPhone pursuant to this policy will not automatically cancel your mobile network agreement. You must contact your mobile network operator to cancel your mobile network service. If you cancel your mobile network service, you will be responsible for all applicable usage fees, prorated access charges, taxes, surcharges, or other charges imposed by your mobile network operator through the termination date, including any early termination fees or penalties, if applicable. Please contact your mobile network operator for more information about applicable fees.

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