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Zyron Powastone 65W GaN 3-Port Charger $38.20 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Zyron Tech via Amazon AU


Cactus ere

Lightning sale that ends in two hours for a great charger. I've tested these and they perform very well in everything you'd want and it's also a local brand so you're supporting Aussie businesses.

  • Comes with a 2m 100W cable and a hard travel case (not sure why but it's nice for cable storage)

If anyone's curious about any specifics testing wise I'm happy to answer.

EDIT: Still showing it's only 90% claimed and there are a few units left (10:44pm Syd/Melb)

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Hopefully it's good, at least Amazon customer service is good

  • ends in two hours

    Some people have a problem grasping the concept of time

    • +2

      Name checks out

    • +1

      Oh, it had not started yet?

      Anyway, all gone already.

      Edit: And now back again! Got one.

      • Did you go back in time?

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          Didn't need to feed old Mr. Fusion on this occasion - the vendor added more stock/fixed the deal.

    • -1

      The lightning sale literally stated it ends in two hours, or until the stock is depleted - maybe the seller updated stock?

      I'll be sure to not mention arbitrary end times like that next time to avoid confusion I guess.

  • Thanks

  • Great price…..wont last…

  • Love cactus’ reviews!

  • Wow all claimed, i wonder how few coupons there were?

    EDIT: a couple of minutes of refreshing got me one. Lightning sales are a strange beast.

  • Ended up opening in a new browser window and got the deal

    Noooo I clicked add to cart and it didn't add…

  • +2

    Click refresh a few times it went to 100% claimed down to 58% claimed and now available to be purchased. Must be either some cancellations or vendor added more back in?

    • Yeah, as of 9:54pm it's showing 73% claimed for me and someone stated they grabbed one very recently.

      I think likely more were added to the stock count.

  • How does this compare to Belkin or Anker? Looking for something for my Macbook that won't fry it.

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      Better than belkin by magnitudes. Belkin have fallen off a lot…

      Anker are probably better but it depends on the unit, some can be a bit hit or miss in certain areas.

      Longevity wise both of these should last several years until they're functionally obsolete rather than them breaking based on their PCB design.

      • Thanks!
        I was originally looking at the Anker Nano II 65w (cube looking one) or Anker 735 GAN charger.
        Just didn't know what to go for since reading all the shocking stories about HEYMIX

        • +3

          Yeah either are great.

          If you need something small the Anker Nano is good.

          If you want something small that's inline, I suggest the WOTOBE 100W GaN unit I've suggested on some other posts. They're like laptop chargers except fully detachable.

          Look up 1005004709128061 on aliexpress.

          • @SmoothCactus: Legend.

            Been watching 'allthingsoneplace' on YouTube and he keeps talking about how the Ankers aren't great so it's always so super conflicting to hear

            • +3

              @tempestswitch: Depends how you look at it, he's neither right nor wrong.

              AllThingsOnePlace is great, but interpreting how important a data point is something he doesn't always clarify very well.

              For example PFC is a key point of focus, it's good to have and something we should work towards because there are wider benefits and implications on a grid wide level, but for a general user it's not that important because it doesn't affect a user's power bill or the raw functionality or usability of the charger

              Anker aren't always great in a relative sense, relative to OTHER offerings.

              Anker make some good units that are consistent and reliable, which is why they're beloved because the market is filled with garbage, where others might have variations and make revisions/changes without it being a new product line and these can perform wildly different.

              There are certainly better units out there than Anker, the other issue is accessibility. A lot of them are limited to US outlets and therefore lock us out… So chargers that use IEC connectors are usually a great thing to look out for such as the one I linked.

              The other thing is popularity and where you buy them… For example the highest power density GaN Charger available is a 300w GaN charger on aliexpress that has zero reviews on YouTube and is basically not known by anybody… Yet it has some amazing performance, an OLED panel for each port readout, good performance and efficiency, and most importantly it's one of the smallest units relative to size available ANYWHERE.

              See 1005005638258923

    • +2

      I haven't tested either of those - but they look like rebadged Chinese products with their branding on it instead.

      Zyron do engage in rebadging some products which suck, as many companies do.

      So I'm not to sure about them unfortunately. Did you want 100w suggestions? I know some units that are better than all of these but they can take some time to arrive from aliexpress.

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        I guess the main advantage of Zyron is you can literally look up their staff on the voter roll and pay them a visit if they burn your house down.

  • Any suggestions on a single usbc plug for my Pixel 8 Pro?

  • +2

    This deal is back!

  • Does this come with the swappable overseas plugs?

  • Anyone else still waiting for their new 140W GaN Charger?

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