Quilton 3 Ply Toilet Tissue (180 Sheets), Pack of 48 $24 ($21.60 S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU


An OzBargain’s favourite and a slight price drop compared to the regular $25.25. These don’t have the inner packs if it matters to some

Amazon are finally price matching Big W

Product Details

  • Silky smooth and gentle embossed 3 PLY tissue that loves your bum
  • Manufactured using FSC certified forest resources – your guarantee you are supporting forest sustainability for future generations
  • Proudly Australian owned, providing jobs for over 600 of our fellow Australians
  • Lightly scented on the core not the tissue, 100% biodegradable, flushable and septic safe for standard sewer and septic systems
Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +13

    Needs to be a few dollars cheaper for me to buy this

    • S&S is cheaper, how much cheaper you need with free delivery?

      • The cheapest was like $16 so even if it came to $18, would buy some

        • ok, gotcha. i will also join you and go on strike until it reaches $18

          thank you

  • +7

    I wish we could choose delivery day +/- 1… I wont be WFH tomorrow and don't really want it left out in the open the whole day…. so did C&C big w instead.

    • Do you have a porch pirate?

      • +9

        No, but I don't want my wife seeing parcels at the front door when she gets home hahahaha

        "We've got too much toilet paper!"

        • How much do you have?

        • +5

          The amount of AliExpress items I have to get shipped to the parcel locker to hide from my wife keeps growing man….

          • @hamwhisperer: I see you get questioned what you bought all the time. Parcel locker is the solution for secret purchases is it??

        • I bet she wasn't saying that during the pandemic.

      • Or a backdoor wipe pirate

    • Yeah I would love to buy stuff and just say "ship in one to 7 days"kinda thing

    • Deliver to an Amazon parcel locker?

  • -8

    What happens if Bezos delays delivery? You can't shit or shit everywhere till they arrive. Aldi sells for the same price or cheaper w/o any shity risk.

    • +1

      Make sure you check out the weird shit aisle first

    • +2

      How much cheaper is ALDI? I've been meaning to do the comparison.

      If it's only a tiny amount, it saves me carrying the damn things.

      • +1

        $10.59 for 24 Pack

        • So needs to compete with $21.20

          Def willing to go to say 23 so that I don't need to carry the toilet paper up into the house. Plus timing on when we go to the aldi.

          Thanks for the data, I'll adjust my Camel camel!

        • +1

          I'm not confident that confidence brand is the same thing

      • +1

        Last time i checked at Aldi it was $9.89 for an 18pack
        Equivalent to $26.37 for 48pack

        Proof https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/288031/108078/screensh…

  • +2

    Wish it was <40c territory

  • +2

    Lightly scented on the core not the tissue

    Why scent at all
    Its the only thing i dont like about it

    • +5

      Exactly. My as5hole doesn't have a nose.

  • -2

    S&S can't use gift cards anymore?

  • +8

    It doesn't feel like 3 ply anymore. The sheets are too compressed.

    • Why did they change?

      • +4

        They did something during covid that changed their manufacturing process. Whether it was to speed things up or bring costs down, I have no idea. But the shift to this $hitty 3 ply has made it demonstrably worse.

        • +11

          made it demonstrably worse.

          Please don’t demonstrate it! 🙈

        • Right. In that case what brand would be better for the same price??

    • I've noticed that also.

    • +1

      Don't push as hard

      • +1

        The forbidden golden pinky

        • When it's brown, you're gonna frown

    • +1

      still ok for pr0n watch companion.

  • +3

    Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend)

    Sorry I just noticed. When did they raise the min spend?

      • +1

        Minimum $59 spend for free delivery, if you don't have Amazon Prime

      • read mate

    • Ignore my earlier comment - should've gone to Secsavers lol

  • When Ozbargainers will forget the COVID shit?Is there anyone actually no paper to use during the COVID cause the stockholm syndrome that have to buy lots of paper

    • +6

      Before covid went down I had already stocked up on so much TP because of amazon sales, that I didn't buy TP at all during peak covid. Ended up giving some away to those who couldnt get any.

      • I did the same thats why the paper I bought at 2019 that still have lots till now,I think I bought them at 16 or lower.

        • Unfortunately it just means that you can really feel the difference in quality between the old stuff and the new stuff…

  • Failed to add item to cart

    • Back in stock

      • Done. Thanks. Subed every 6mons

    • Failed to use item when shart

  • Welcome to Covid 2023 … when we run out of TP!

    • i keep forgetting to cancel my S&S, i could basically insulate my house with all the excess TP I have now

  • Thanks OP. Inner pack means the firm brown paper that's usually in-between a roll to keep the tissue in a roll's shape?

    • +2

      inner pack is the plastic wrapping…so its one big plastic package rather than idni idually packaged smaller versions of 9x etc.

  • +1

    Aldi ones are better than these and same 180 sheets with 3Ply. 24 rolls for $9.70

    • +2

      My local Aldi is 10.59 now 😔

  • out of stock

  • only comes up as third prty sellers @$39+ ???

    • Amazon stock has sold out, and it switches to next cheapest available

    • Back in stock now.

  • +2

    Anyone else getting there's delivered without a box? Got a delivery yesterday with a sticker on the bag, bag torn, complaint yet to be raised

    • +3

      At checkout it mentions this:

      To reduce packaging, the item is often dispatched in manufacturer's container, which reveals what's inside. If this is a gift, consider dispatching to a different address.

      • +5

        If this is a gift

        Valentines Day is coming up.

    • No, it is very easy to get dirt inside if the delivery person doesn't handle it with care.

    • Me too, exactly.

  • +1

    @Nugs, yes they never come in a box. We get this every few weeks. Works out much cheaper than buying in coles or Woolies

    • up until now they had been in boxes, only last two orders (S&S) have been without

  • +1

    Back in stock boys

    • No S&S option…

      • Just checked, S&S option still there.
        Make sure you logged in to your account.

  • +2

    So I calculated per 100 sheet price. Its 28c/100 sheets here. Compared to 25c/100 sheets for Aldi's Confidence which is considered to be from the same factory but with a difference in specs.

  • +1

    Thank you!

  • +2

    BigW always been doing $24 for the 48 pack, if your bum really cant wait for delivery, just rush to your nearest BigW and buy it instead, just bought one pack today, heaps of stock!


  • fyi, this is like 1/2 the roll of costco toilet paper. you get 48 rolls, but they are like 1/2 rolls. so you really are getting only 24 rolls. feels like the rolls are sample rolls, lol

    • It’s about the same price as Costco but at least Amazon delivers 1 day ;)

  • Just got some of Ebay for $18.99 with my Ebay plus $5 each month off for 48 rolls. Down from $23.99 Got my Ebay plus membership on the sale a while back for $9.99 for a year too….Meaning total cost is $19.82 for 48 rolls taking monthly cost of 83 cents for my Ebay plus membership into account!

    • +1

      Could you post a link please? Cannot find that price.

      • +1
        • Showing as OOS…

          • @drsunnyv: Check out the dodgy feedback. Here is an interesting scenario that came back to bite my recently.

            I place an order for dog food from Pet Circle, they won't send it and ask me why I did a chargeback back in 2020 (I never did).

            What I did do was purchase dog food off eBay, turns out the eBay seller used a stolen CC to purchase and dropship to me. The person with the compromised CC obviously did a chargeback and Pet Circle were left out of pocket, but they thought it was me that shorted them.

            Got it all cleared up but I wouldn't trust dodgy eBay sellers like this who are clearly doing something shifty

  • Beware if the item is not shipped from Amazon.
    Mine just arrived and the plastic cover is damaged in multiple places.

    • It shows as:
      Sold by: Amazon Commercial Services Pty Ltd

    • +1


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