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  • +3

    Wish they'd do a case for the Fold 5.

    • they dont have any cases for the folding devices including Flip… i think its more about the fact they cant guarantee non-slippage as folding devices can't have cases that go around the edges on the sides where the hinge is…

      i had to buy the universal one with 3M adhesive instead…

      • Yeah it's what I'm doing too. Using with a thin case

  • How does the mag charge work? You get a base, then add the mag charge? Does it clip togethor? Do you have to have the mag charge case? or is the apple mag case ok?

    • +2

      The mag case is a magnet in the back of the case. So you can stick your phone on the fridge or other ferromagnetic metal. But also there are newer attachments that use the magnet. Both the regular and mag case support wireless charging

      • Those mag heads attached to the holder base, are the magnets very strong where the phone won't fall off from bumpy roads and sharp turns since it is a click on and there is no clicking mechanism. Which is better to have the twisting standard or the mag head for a bit extra cash?

  • Any deals on SCA gift cards for those without access to portals?

    • Macquarie marketplace is relatively low access bar (just need to have a transaction account) with a 5% discount is decent

  • Got my Pixel 7a quadlock mag case other day… Gosh it's so thick and heavy.

    Makes me not want to use it. My P30 pro quad lock case was only slightly thicker than a normal case and thinned out in sections. This one doesn't bother and keeps the thickness. I suppose it's cheaper to make it that way.

  • I just got an S23 Ultra mag case delivered yesterday. Yes its quite thick but I am sure it will protect the phone - from past quadlock cases. Magnet doesn't seem quite strong but is enough to stick it to the fridge, considering the weight of the phone. Don't buy with the ring/stand as its pretty frustrating to use, as you have to unhook it in order to attach it any mount - only a matter of time before you lose it.

    • didnt they give you like a mini carabiner to attach to your key anyway?

      • Yes, it did come with a mini carabiner. But these days I don't carry around any keys since having a smart door lock installed. I guess I can stick on my car keys but that's really only on weekends as I would commute via public transport during weekdays. So most of the time I would be without the mini carabiner.

    • Definitely built like a tank.

      But it's more tiring to hold with one hand now lol.

  • +1

    I love these cases but I really wish they'd make them a bit better looking lol.

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