Mobile plan with Esim for smart watch

Anyone got any recommendations for prepaid plans that can also provide an esim for smart watch? Currently with boost which don't support esim so assume it won't work (don't have a watch yet)? Prefer telstra network, so maybe woolworths mobile?

I prefer longlife sims as I don't use it overly much mainly data is my guess with the occasional call. Have a work phone I call from. Main use my phone for is apps (Facebook, fb messagenger, reddit etc)


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    as far as I know, no prepaid plans. I've been looking for one too. as for postpaid, major telcos do offer esim supports smart watch.

  • I think Woolworths Mobile said they do Esims for watches now.

    • Link?

      Edit: this?

      eSIM is currently available for Android smart watches, including devices like the Pixel Watch and Galaxy Watch. For Apple Watches, eSIM is not currently available. Note: If you use eSIM on an Android smart watch, you will need to purchase a separate plan.

      • That seems expensive to purchase two plans.

  • Woolworths (Telstra) has 3 plans, I went the 365 day for $170 yesterday.
    Expensive for my Samsung Galaxy watch, but options weren't widespread. I would have preferred ALDImobile but they don't support it yet.

    • Thanks for the reply. What carrier do you use your phone with? I'd imagine if buying another plan you have a separate number, how does it link to the phone? I always thought if someone rang your phone it'd ring your watch as well but assume it can't do that with a separate number

      • Thanks to you
        My phone sim is with ALDI with a different personal number, but ALDI they don't support Esim yet.

        • Ahhh linked the phone… all very clever with bluetooth and WiFi
          They are cross-linked so either can answer on either. I'm still reading the manual so I have a bit to learn about the watch, a SS Galaxy Classic6.

          • @Chris Topher: Ah ok cool, so doesn't matter if they're different numbers, they'll both ring and do their thing. Good to know. I figured it'd ring if close by it was more so if phone no where near the watch for Bluetooth to connect if it'd ring still and act like it was together and linked. Thank you. Might look into getting one.

            • @Bushbasha: Read the manual (available on-line) too. I'm still learning it so I may have errors in my understanding, but they are separate in mobile numbers and providers - 1 woolies the other ALDI.

  • Does anyone know if there‚Äôs an update to this with smaller carriers offering EI now?

  • Does anyone know if the Woolworths physical Sim in a phone will work with the galaxy watch 4 esim? Ie, use the same number?

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