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BlackWolf Folding Chair $45 (Was $229) & $50 (Was $219), Sleeping Bag $25 (Was $139) + Shipping ($0 with Signup) @ BlackWolf


Black Wolf have been running a twelve days of deals. Some appear to be clearance items as they are unavailable in camping stores, however they may have sold at a cheaper price.

(Note: use the WOLFPACK coupon code for $10 off orders) Code has been disabled.

Bonus Deal (New)

  • Marshall Travel Bag @ $79.99 (Was $249.99 -68%) - The Marshall travel bag features a dual-stage handle, a laptop sleeve and extensive internal organisation, and a full zip opening to a generously sized main pocket which is perfect for overnight or weekend travel. You will also enjoy the best of both worlds while travelling with wheels and a harness, making the Marshall your perfect travel companion! You'll also receive a complimentary Air Lite Pillow.

Original Deals

  • Firestorm Back Pack @ $50.00 (Was $159.99 -69%) - The Firestorm daypack includes multiple attachment points for all your hiking equipment, a built in rain cover, and a stretch front pocket to hold all the things needed when discovering the great outdoors. (sold out)
  • Curved Soft Cooler 22L @ $70.00 (Was $159.99 -56%) - This new premium single compartment cooler can go easily to the beach or the campground. Made from durable waterproof fabric and lined with thick and lightweight insulation that keeps the contents super cold.
  • BlackWolf 35 Hardside Cooler @ $180.00 (Was $359.99 -50%) - This 35L cooler is built BlackWolf tough. Made from durable, UV-resistant materials and fully insulated, this will have you sorted for your next trip away. (low stock)
  • Comet 500 Sleeping Bag @ $25.00 (Was $139.99 -82%) - The Comet 500 Sleeping Bag is the ideal travel companion. Its tiny packed size means you won't even notice it's there, but you'll be prepared for any camping getaway or overnight hike. Featuring a contoured hood, anti-bite zipper guard, draft flaps, hidden zippered chest pocket and hanging loops, the Comet is jam-packed with all the features necessary for a comfortable night sleep in any conditions. (low stock)
  • Generations Series Sleeping Bag M0 @ $70.00 (Was $229.99 -70%) - Tested to the International Standards, you can comfortably know that you won't be left out in the cold. Packed with features including a built-in pillow case, hidden internal pockets and a lightweight compression sack, the Generation series is filled with hypoallergenic Clusterloft fill that can easily be washed in a machine.
  • Settlement Double Folding Chair @ $40.00 (Was $159.99 -75%) - A timeless classic with a modern refresh, this chair is made from super strong 600D polyester, a steel frame, beech armrests and is built to last. This chair is also super convenient; folding down flat and finished with a built in carry handle to ensure the pack up is pain free.
  • XXL Beech Chair @ $45 (Was $229.99 -80%) - Designed a bit larger than the standard Beech Chair and made from a beechwood frame with a sturdy canvas seat cover that is removable for cleaning. Just like its smaller sister, the XXL Beech Chair packs down into itself and folds away neatly into its own carry bag.
  • Shore Folding Beech @ $50 (Was $219.99 -77%) - Designed to sit low, it’s perfect for the beach, a picnic or by the campsite. Made with a beautiful beechwood frame, a canvas seat and a tidy carry bag for easy storage, the Shore is the perfect chair to relax and watch the world go by.
  • Rectangle Folding Picnic Table @ $45 (Was $209.99 -79%) - This lightweight, bamboo and aluminium fold down table is the perfect spot to pop your snacks when sitting down low on the picnic rug or as an excellent coffee table for the campsite. Stylish and durable, this table packs up small for transport and is a stylish addition to your set up. (sold out)
  • Slatted Camping Table @ $50 (Was $249.99 -80%) - The pack away design ensures set up is as easy as pack down and features a weather resistant bamboo top with a lightweight yet sturdy aluminium frame that packs away neatly in its own carry bag.


  • Rectangle Folding Picnic Table is sold out
  • Firestorm Back Pack is sold out
  • Marshall Travel Bag is sold out

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  • +1

    Anyone familiar with the backpack? Can't find many reviews on it. Is it waterproof?

    • +8

      If you mean the firestorm one, yes I bought. First impression is it sucked and didn't feel premium. Was not waterproof and the way the bag held onto shoulders was weird. Lets just say its no osprey. On the other hand, their sleeping bags are value for money

    • any reviews on tarn 65? Quality wise?

  • Thanks OP, got one of the chairs.

  • +37

    extra $10 off with WOLFPACK coupon code

    • +5

      Legend! Thank you!
      Also, if you sign up as a member you get free standard shipping (save $10).

    • Thanks! It brings the chair down to $35 delivered! (with signup)

  • +1

    Can anyone comment on the quality of the sleeping bag?

    • Same looking at the cheaper one

    • +1

      Following.. I bought one in true OzB style coz it was reduced by 82%.. but then googled other bags and they look better🫣

  • +2

    Beech chair is tempting for $35 shipped!

  • +2

    Surely someone has these measurements wrong:

    "The Comet 500 Sleeping Bag is the ideal travel companion. Its tiny packed size means you won't even notice it's there, but you'll be prepared for any camping getaway or overnight hike The Comet also comes with a lightweight compression stuff sack for easy storage and transport.

    Packed dimensions: 38 x 48 x 48cm
    Packed weight: 2.1kg"

    • Yeah I noticed that. Wasn't expecting an ultralight. But that seems huge

      • I specifically asked the instant chat and was told the dimensions are correct. Even if that's a completely un-compressed size, that would be huge.


        They sent someone out to the warehouse to confirm these dimensions:

        "The correct dimensions are 43 x 30 x 30 cm"

        This still seems quite large to me given the description but maybe this is fully uncompressed?

        • +3

          I got 3 sleeping bags delivered from BlackWolf in last 3 weeks, one was 1.8kg, it came in 42x35x22 cm box, just normal camping bag size. They are probably giving you the size of the box. The other 2 bags were 1.5kg each and 2 came in the same size box (2 bags in 1 box).
          Its $25, I wouldnt worry about the size, but it may be out of stock soon.

          • @JanD: No worries, i couldn't really find a review and i want a slightly colder bag for my moto-camping setup in the colder months, weight isn't a big issue but packed size matters, i'll likely keep browsing. Cheers.

            • @vv4rhead: Yeah this is too big mine turned up today. I have a small hiking tent with built in mattress and blanket for moto camping but not for winter.

    • I see this description Packed dimensions: 43 x 30 x 30 cm - Comet 500

      • Yeah they've updated to that since they sent someone out to check it.

  • +3

    Thanks OP, initially placed order for XXL Beech Chair ($35 delivered), then seen Shore Folding Beech for additional $5 and asked chat if I can change my order, they sent me an email within couple of minutes with the $5 difference. Very efficient mob.

    • Is it better?

      • +1

        Not sure, weight is lighter 3kg vs 4.8kg. Has resting arms. Come with carry bag. Looks more comfy to sit on beach.

        • Thanks mate! I was about to do the XXL Beech till I read your comments, and changed to the Shore Folding instead!

          • @ham0718: But the RRP of the XXL is higher, so in the spirit of OZB must go with the item with the most saving. The shore folding beech might be too low to comfortably sit for tall people.

            • +1

              @bruceclipse: Haha the tight ass in my wants to agree with you, but I'm buying it for the MRS so if it weighs less she'll hopefully carry it longer before the Sherpa (me) has to take over! I regret nothing!

          • @ham0718: Did you receive yours yet? My order shows as unfulfilled (in Sydney)

            • @huntabargain: Nah I'm in the same boat as you. I harassed them yesterday morning on live chat (which was a terrible service by the way) and they gave me some garbage about processing it within the next 24hrs. Low and behold 36 hours later and nothing.

              Not a great first impression for a "premium brand" who can't even ship an item from their warehouse within 5 business days. Maybe they got so ozbargained they still can't catch up!

            • -1

              @huntabargain: Harrassed them again today and I've got a shipping number now.

              • +1

                @ham0718: They sent me email on Sunday that it was shipped, but link to AustPost did not work. Today Monday mid day/morning, already received my chair to Sydney by delivery company.
                Feedback, decent quality, height of chair on the low side, but if I use on beach sand, might sink couple of inches and get a bit low for me.

  • Got the Generations Series Sleeping Bag M0 for $60 with WOLFPACK code. Thanks OP

  • +3

    Am I the only one who finds all thess deals meh?

    • -1


    • +2

      No, chairs and table look junk. Didn't check anything else.

    • +4

      The RRPs on these look insane — $230 for a chair! Wtf!

      The deals aren't bad, but they just seem a bit fake to me.

  • Any feedback on the Slatted Camping Table?

    • +2

      I’m a bit worried reading these reviews https://www.snowys.com.au/slatted-camping-table

      • Ooh, thanks for that. I'll pass.

    • Received my today. I agree it a little fiddly to setup, but once complete it feels solid. With a bit of practice it should be quick to setup and pack down.

  • +2

    Tks, bought two Settlement folding chairs. Handy to sit back and watch plants grow in garden

  • Anyone got the sleeping bag for $15? Just purchases but came up as $25 on card

    • WOLFPACK doesn't work. Used the 5% off new member code for an extra saving of $1.25… woohoo!

    • I did and was charged $15.
      Also received an invoice showing the voucher code and discount provided.
      Looking at below comments they must have shut it off.

      • +1

        Maybe it's been OzBargained and they took it off after seeing a spike

    • I did, 3 hours ago. Probably ozbargained and shut down

  • +1

    Discount code seems to be invalid for me ?

    • Does not work for me either. Asked on the Chat:

      Hi XYZ, the code WOLFPACK is not a valid code.

      When you become a member, you'll receive a discount code for 5% off your first order, but WOLFPACK is not an active code on our site.

    • Same

    • same-"Enter a valid discount code or gift card"

    • +1

      They nerfed the discount, code disabled now.

  • +6

    Could be because I just registered. But the code WELCOME works for $10 off (plus free shipping for members)

  • Cannot add the $25 sleeping bag to cart :(

    • Blue colour is sold out. I'd try live chat. They've been helpful to others.

  • +2

    Website appears to be down.

    • Back online :-)

  • +4

    $20 off - BWANNI20.

    I just successfully used for the $50 folding table, down to $30.

    • +1

      Thanks, the code worked for me also

    • Have you received it? Is it good for the price?

      • I only ordered the cooler bag this morning. The free ice bricks pushed me over the line.

        I generally find BlackWolf products to be good quality with extra reinforcement where required.

  • Anyone have their order shipped? I ordered Shore Folding Beech on Monday morning and order status is "Unfulfilled"

    • Same here ordered on Monday, and status is unfulfilled

    • +1

      My order of beach chairs on Friday arrived today. A separate order from Monday is sitting at unfulfilled.

      • Did your Monday order arrive? I am still waiting on mine, very slow..

        • Monday order arrived today (Friday). Courier said that his truck was full of BlackWolf packages.

  • My two cheap sleeping bags turned up. Bigger then what I expected but seem ok quality. Similar size packed as most other bags.

    • Did you get notification before it was shipped? I ordered beech chair on Monday morning and order still unfulfilled and heard nothing from them.

  • +1

    Ordered on Monday, the Settlement Double Folding Chair delivered on Wednesday in Sydney, the item is scratched all around (not from transport), not even worth $40 paid, in worse condition than buying a second hand item, trying to contact Blackwolf for last 2 days…..RRP $159.99 that must be a joke!

  • I just recieved my shipping notification for this same item and I bought two of them. Doesn't sound real promising even though I only paid $20 each its probably still too much.

  • -1

    Ordered on Monday and radio silence every since. I harassed them yesterday morning on live chat (which was a terrible service by the way) and they gave me some garbage about processing it within the next 24hrs. Low and behold 36 hours later and nothing.

    Not a great first impression for a "premium brand" who can't even ship an item from their warehouse within 5 business days. Maybe they got so ozbargained they still can't catch up!

    • -1

      Harassed them again today and finally have a shipping number.

  • +1

    My delivery of the double folding chairs arrived yesterday. The delivery boxes had a few holes in them however the chairs were in perfect condition. Both delivered for $40 I'm very happy. Thanks for the post OP

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