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Dual Motorised Electric Desk (80kg Capacity) with 120cm White Top $274.95, Walnut Top $295.95 + Del @ Lazy Maisons via Bunnings


Looks like a good deal. Dual motor + 120 cm top and it comes with 5 year warranty.

Walnut top link Here

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✓The Lazy Maisons Adjustable Desk is made to last with sturdy adjustments and support.
✓It can handle max 80kg of weight capacity while only needing minimal assembly.
✓It's easy to install with a quick clip on and fasten mechanism.
✓Adults and teens alike will find it easy to set up as minimum tools are needed to put it together.
✓Ideal for offices and homes.

Study and work in style with the Lazy Maisons Adjustable Desk. This elegant workspace offers you ample space for different tasks and gadget setups, along with files and supplies. You’ll definitely find a healthy balance between standing and sitting as you survive a hectic day with the desk’s adjustable height options.

The Lazy Maisons Adjustable Desk is made to last with sturdy adjustments and support. It can handle max 80kg of weight capacity while only needing minimal assembly. Adults and teens alike will find it easy to set up with an electrical drill to put it together. A 5-year warranty is also included giving you full confidence in the quality and durability of the product.

For homes and offices, the Lazy Maisons Adjustable Desk is absolutely a must-have!


•120cm wide surface area
•Dual motors for height adjustment and superior durability
•Easy to install with Slide-In and fasten system
•Neatly enclosed motors and quiet operation
•Save up to 4 memory heights position
•Sturdy adjustments and support
•Minimal assembly needed with Electrical drill
•Ideal for offices and homes
Includes 5-year warranty


Brand: Lazy Maisons
Frame Color: Black
Desktop Color: White
Desktop Size Options: 120 x 60cm
Max Speed: 25mm/s
Max Load: 80kg
Minimum Height: 71cm
Maximum Height: 115cm
Input Voltage: 100V-240VAC/50-60HZ
Minimal assembly needed with Electrical drill
Scan QR code on package to view installation video

Package Includes:

1200mm Top + 80KG Frame

1 x Lazy Maisons Dual Motor 80Kg Load Desk Frame (Black)
Carton Size: 83cm x 34cm x 22cm
Weight: 22 Kg
1 x Lazy Maisons 1200mm Desktop (Cloud White)
Carton Size: ;130cm x 70cm x 5cm
Weight: 15.5 Kg

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  • +3

    $100 shipping kills the deal!

  • +1

    This looks very very similar to a Desky at 1/3 of the price

  • +1

    Delievery $60 BNE metro

    • +5

      $35 to North Sydney. Wish the 75cm deep was cheaper

  • Last year deal only $285 with 150cm free shipping to NT =))))

    • I wish I had a time machine I would have bought one.

      • I bought one then but I wish I bought two then :)

  • +1

    Can't remember what I paid but I bought 2 Lazy Maisons desks last year and they're very good quality. They were delivered in a Lazy Maisons van too, which impressed me for some reason..

    • 284 or 285 for all colours =)). I and my friends just talked ab it this morning ab last year ebay deal ^^

  • Got one in Nov last year, very good desk for that price

  • Great price considering the frame alone is $310.00. I have the Trio and it works great.

  • +1

    I’ve got the white leg version of this, it’s about 90% as good as my Zen Space Desk that was more than double the price.

    (ZSD has slightly better height adjustment due to 3 stage legs, motor/frame is further at the back, and higher weight limit)

  • +1 for Lazy Maisons, their motorised desks are excellent.

  • +4

    Can anyone with this desk comment on whether it wobbles at the standing position? Which version do you have? 120cm/150cm? 80kg/120kg?

    Only asking because one of the reviews on Bunnings says that it wobbles at the standing position, and they had to return it: https://www.bunnings.com.au/lazy-maisons-agile-80kg-150-x-75…

    • Interested to hear from people too.

    • +3

      I’ve had one for about 2 years now and it has been serving me well. I have the 120kg variant which I mounted my own 180cm desk. I am 185cm so when I stand, the desk needs to be at its highest setting for me to be in a comfortable position. That being said, I have 3 monitors and my tower sitting on top. It wobbles very little. I’m not sure whether the added pc weight improves stability but there’s a definite premium feel to how stable it is.

    • +7


      I have the 80kg 150cm version.
      At my working height the desk is set to 107cm
      the tops of my dual 27" monitors are at about 185cm on a single mounting point dual arm. this forms a viewing area about 1.2 meters horizontally……

      I have a wooden laminate floor.
      I've adjusted the screws in the legs….
      for me, it's great.

      Now, where the 'wobble' thing comes in
      Before this desk I used a solid wood 2.4m tasmanian oak standard dining room table, my monitors free standing on the surface…

      Both were identically stable.
      i.e. yes, there's a perceivable wobble when typing
      that wobble is exaggerated by the fact the tops of the monitors are nearly 2 meters up from the floor.

      My cure - spread the monitors ever so slightly apart so they don't touch - you can't hear the wobble..
      and to install an expensive dual arm for the monitors to avoid any play, as 90% of the wobble is caused by my cheapish monitor arms.

      If you want real science, I can probably knock up some type of accelerometer test during normal typing.
      but, rest assured, if you have normal monitors standing on your desk, you'll notice as much wobble as a normal dining room table or office desk.

    • I've got the 120cm 80kg, no wobble at max height :)

  • Dual motor but only 80kg capacity doesn't sound right. All dual motor frames I've seen in the past are at least 100~120kg capacity. Makes me question quality. But it is cheap so that's probably why.

    • I'd think with the sheer heft that's the desk top (it's solid, the 150cm is a struggle to lift alone), they're under-rating it…it's very likley it actually can lift the desk top AND 80kG, which would put it easily at 100-120Kg capacity.
      mine lifts me (about 80kg!)

  • +2
    • 1 for Lazy Maisons Desks.
      +1 for this price, very very good

    Purchased one dual motor white leg with wallnut top earlier in the yearI . Each leg on the Frame is labelled as KDZT047A - its label shows it has a load rating of 400N.
    That's 400n x 2 which is where the 80kG comes from

    it easily lifts me (circa 80kG) sat on the desk, along with my dual monitors, laptop. I got the larger 150cm also….

    It's quite fast, extremely stable and has 4 memory settings too!

    Very very happy

    EDIT - TIMINGS - it's about 18 seconds from 72cm (lowest setting) to 107cm (my preferred working height) and 15 seconds the other way.
    it's quite fast compared to a lot of desks i saw in shops when looking for this!

  • +3

    I've seen the 140kg and 80kg versions of the Lazy Maisons in person… the former (The Trio) is a far more superior product. Much more stable and goes a little higher.
    If you've got a few extra dollars, go the Trio. It's as good as any other sit to stand I've seen in any commercial office space. Definitely a premium feel.

    Not that the 80kg isn't nice. But if you want that heavier chunkier feel, the Trio is it. For those concerned about stability, it also comes down to what surface you are putting the desk on. A decent quality carpet with underlay will have any sit to stand wobble a bit. A little extra padding/shoes on the ends will stop it sinking into thicker carpets. On tiles/hard floors you won't have an issue with any of the Lazy Maisons tables (disclaimer for massive multi-monitor setups or putting lots of other printers and scanners on there etc— common sense rules apply). Great products.

  • +2

    Got one based on many feedbacks here. Thanks.
    Didn't really need it, but good price , 5 years warranty and never know when i might be working mostly from home full time. Can also store thing sunder and when i need to use it, i just raise it.

  • Hmm tried to contact the eBay story about price match and click and collect and they declined. Anyone had luck with this ?

  • +1
  • Purchased at midnight and got an SMS this morning that its expected to be delivered today, lol.

  • Ordered 2x yesterday and they were delivered the next morning. Installation was an ease and the desks look great!

  • I'm interested to buy this but could someone please help me confirm these 2 things:
    - They say that electric drill is required for installation. Is that right? I have a Bosch IXO electric screwdriver, will that be enough?
    - People who own the 1200*600mm, is it enough depth for a 24 inch PC monitor?

    • +1

      Hey I just set mine up using a normal screw driver. It wasnt too difficult.

      Also, I have 32 inch monitor and its a little big for the desk but 24 would be perfect.

      • +1

        Thanks a lot, your answers are very helpful!
        I'll be putting my order later today :)

  • +1

    Hi, can I ask which one is better Omnidesk Pro or this one? Or any other brands should I consider.

    Also is it ok to put standing desk on carpet floor?


    • +1

      I bought this desk after looking at Omni, Secretlab etc. This by far the cheapest. Ordered it last friday, it arrived today and set up was easy following online tutorial instructions. I have carpet and it doesnt move.

      • Thanks for your reply. I'll go with this one as well

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