Can Anyone Suggest an Egypt Tour Guide 8 Days or So


Thinking of doing a stop over in Egypt. Can anyone suggest a tour guide? I don’t mind if they put us up in hostels, nothing fancy for accomodation required.
Last minute so something all inclusive with travel, accommodation, meals etc
Depending on dates I’d probably have 8 give or take days.



    Never used these guys but they get mentioned frequently.

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    Thinking of doing a stop over in Egypt.

    Try here…

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    I wanted to travel to Israel and Egypt in October, but obviously the events of the past five weeks have made that impossible.

    I would seriously reconsider your desire to travel to Egypt as a random murder of tourists happened right after 7 October. Australia government advice is to reconsider your need to travel, and I suggest you take their advice.

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    As much as I love Egypt, I would avoid at this time.

    The event in Alex made it clear that they could be suffering another internal Brotherhood issue, and you just dont want to be around for that.

    Economy wise, if you do go, do not exchange anything into Pound. Only use USD as their Pound and economy are both in the toilet.

    Avoid the trains if possible unless you like 24 hrs of pee smell and no safety monitoring.

    Finally, star rating for accommodation in Egypt doesn't equal ours. They have 6 star for a reason. Hostels in Egypt should be avoided. Given the aforementioned economic slump, 4 star Egyptian should be affordable (3 star Australian)

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    Live dangerously - go for it… just think there'll be no other tourists there

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    I literally just came back from Egypt on a tour with G Adventures (it was pretty good, low-key accommodation but great guide and sightseeing)

    To everyone saying reconsider. I mean, yeah use caution, but having been on the ground with a local guide things felt really safe as a tourist, even moreso once you left Cairo (which the tour only spent 1 day in).

    IMO, it's just as dicey to go to Europe with the relatively recent history of terrorist bombings at times of high tension. People are scared because of proximity, not actual level of risk. Don't do dumb sh!t, you'll be fine.

    [Edit to add]: The smart traveller advisory hasn't changed since at least 2019. If the advice wasn't a worry for you before the war then it's not really different now.

    • but having been on the ground with a local guide things felt really safe

      Until it's not…..

      Just takes a lunatic and a few seconds, and there are lots there…. waiting………….

  • Well, perhaps wait after the Gaza War settles???

  • Such a magical place to visit. I went in 97 and despite being jaw droppingly amazing I was probably too ignorant to take in ½ of what I was seeing. Hope to return in the 1st few years of retirement.

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