Buy a Pixel 8/Pro during The Black Friday Sales or Wait Longer? or Get Something Else Entirely?

I was looking to get a new phone to replace my Nokia 5.4 (it really can't handle my day to day tasks), I normally buy cheap budget phones in the $300 dollar range, but at that price they tend to break after about a year of use compared to flagships where I was getting 3 or 4 years before they break on me.

I was looking at getting either the Pixel 8/Pro because I really value that stock/vanilla android experience, but I held back due to the price. I heard Pixels generally lose about 1/3 of their value after a month? I see Office Works and Telstra are willing to do about $400 off the Pro for the Black Friday sales, that's not quite a 1/3 off, but that price seems really tempting, especially if I'm only paying an extra $70 or $80 off for the 256gb version. Good time to jump for it and buy it outright? Or is it better to wait another month or two for a lower price? Or do you think I'm more likely to get worked over by inflation? I'm not desperate for a new phone, but I do need to replace my current one soon since it's freezing, and just moving like molasses in general, I would also lean towards considering myself a power user when it comes to phones. Or is there a comparable phone+deal that I should consider instead (I know the tensor chips are underpowered for the price)?

EDIT: Okay, I bought the Pixel 8 Pro in that beautiful Bay Blue with 256gb of storage, now it's time to play the waiting game.

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    Buy now, it's a good enough price drop
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    Wait for a possible bigger price drop
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    Buy a different flagship
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023


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    P60 pro

    • I don't think my current phone will last until 2031.

  • about a year of use compared

    don't we have 2 years warranty on phones in AU?

    • the current pixel 8 is tempting, but you need to bring a solid phone back as a trade in. My old huawei p20 pro is worth 0$ apparently, so not sure if that trade in 400$ option works for you.
      I bought a pixel 7 instead,

    • I never really thought to chase up the warranty since I bought the phones outright on Ebay, and being budget phones, they don't stay reasonable fast for very long. In hindsight, I probably should have hit them up for warranty (especially that first Nokia I had, that was a pretty good phone at the time and I probably would have used it for two years).

      You mean the $400 gift card trade in? I didn't even take it into consideration since my phone is probably worthless, I paid about $350 for the Nokia 5.4.

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    I just bought this morning from Officeworks. Waiting for the apps to be migrated and updated.

    Price might go down, but I think it's unlikely to be a significant drop based on P7Pro deals last year.

    Will definitely go up after black Friday (and then it will keep going up and down until Pixel 9 is released).

  • It is a good phone

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    Pixel for vanilla android experience. iPhone for value retention.

    I have a Pixel 6 Pro and I'm happy with it.

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    Nokia 3310 fairly solid phone

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    @> heard Pixels generally lose about 1/3 of their value after a month?

    Does that matter? How long do you plan on keeping the phone.

    It's a good phone and definitely an upgrade for you.

  • If you are planning to use pixels for video over USB, forget it (like Samsung dex). My laptop failed and I spent heaps on my desktop not long ago. I thought, no problem, do I really need a new laptop? I "can" hook a screen/keyboard/mouse and remote access my desktop. Can't do it - it's a big drama for pixels. Apart from that, the phone is great and the price difference from other flagships is what makes it so popular I guess.

  • Personally I'm waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy range in Jan, usually they have deals where if you preorder you get a free watch and buds, or similar deals.

  • I just paid $1,129.10 for a pixel 8 pro using the 10% StudentBeans code at the Google Store.

    the JB-hifi and Officeworks@ $899/$898 with $100 voucher on the Pixel 8 are better than the Google store assuming you will eventually use the voucher (i think the OW voucher can be used anywhere).

    while in store I realised the Pixel 8 is smaller screen than my current Xaomi and decided to splurge on the Pro.

    • Can you please tell me about the Officeworks voucher - I can't find it anywhere.

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    sorry…. Gift Card

    Offer available until 27/11/2023, Gift Card Redemption via Microgifts at:, T&Cs apply.

    Customer will receive the Gift Card by midnight 15 December 2023…
    note the image has "Gift Card Offer" in blue below the phone.

    then scroll down and there is a link to the T&C…

    pretty sure it is to match the JB Hifi offer until the 27th.

    you can see all the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro have it in the image.

    staff in store advised me they couldnt match the JB Hifi price minus $100 when i mentioned the voucher. they didn't know about the OW Gift Card offer and I only noticed it online later.

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