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Trek Émonda SL 6 Pro Di2 $4,499.99 (Was $6,499.99) C&C Only @ Trek Bikes AU


Trek's mid-tier 500 OCLV Carbon Frame w/ Shimano 105 R7150 Di2 12-Speed Groupset, paired w/ Bontrager Aeolus Elite 35 wheels. Size 56 available atm.
Émonda SL 6 AXS is $4,999.99 (was $7,299.99) if SRAM is your preference. Size 56 available.
Also many more bikes on sale on Black Friday. Not an expert on MTB or gravel bikes so you may find your own gem.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • -7

    What range does the battery get you?

    • +7

      Less than a millimetre

      • You will need to buy some pedals first…

        • +5

          Could be an expensive balance bike if that's your thing.

  • +1

    Not behd good soize

  • +3

    Is there a limit per customer?

    • +1

      Between 56 and 58. Thats the limit.

  • +13
    • +3

      125cc, lol. I remember those days. I the think the Trek would be faster uphill.

    • +1

      it's a 125. that's the cycling equivalent of a Kmart bike

  • +5

    Why is the logo so small?

  • +1

    Got 10,
    Cancelling the Model 3 order

  • +1

    This one or Sony A7CR? same price

    • Nikon Zf spend the rest on glass

  • +5

    To be fair, this is very good deal on a decent bike.
    The Di2 lasts ages, if doing multi day rides tack small power bank.

  • +5

    this is a great bike, but if you are really trying to cut weight from your bike you are better off losing weight. i know a lot of fat people put thousands into a bike and still get smoked because they rather throw money at there problems. losing weight is free, and makes you faster and helps you ride longer. i would lose weight before i drop thousands on a new bike. ymmv

    • Jokes on you, they're all on ebikes now :)

    • This is probably the most reasonable take I've seen.

    • This isn't really a very light bike though, it's 8.25 kg without pedals.

  • +6

    4k for a 105-Di AND carbon wheels is actually decent in 2023 money.

    Ridiculous a few years back but I've come to accept my financial dom from SRAMommy and Papa ShimShim

    • +5

      Small peepee energy

        • +2

          The tribe has spoken.

    • +4

      Must have been a pretty shit home then, bikes are a great way to get around and has been a mode of transport long before internal combustion engines became a thing.

        • +4

          I did read your comment, it really is shit home when bikes are seen only suited for kids and everyone else is forced to get a motorbike because, reasons.

          Bikes are a perfectly affordable mode of transport (obviously this bike is not really built for it, get a flat bar for that), provides good exercise and doesn't cause pollution.

            • +2

              @MR01: Far out I dont mean someone will kick down your door at the end of a shutgun when you turn 16, not everything is this bloody literal.

              Force in the sense there is an expectation or social pressure to switch to a motorbike.

              In the same sense that if I lived in a car dependent suburb no one is forcing me to buy a car, but you would need one to get to anywhere.

              • -5

                @binary101: Good to know, anyway……. have a nice day.

    • +1

      I'm sorry you grew up in such a broken home, that must have been hard :(

    • +1

      It's hilarious how age is viewed this way.

      There's a reason why you have to be a certain age to get a licence… It's because operating a motorbike (or any motorised vehicle) is dangerous and you need to learn how to operate it safely.

      Bicycles are safe and easy to learn. The lack of an age limit reflects this and is a positive reason why bicycles are a good transport option for EVERYONE.

      • -4

        Your comment doesn't make sense because, because the mind needs to be at a good age that can operate a vehicle at that speed but been in Australia that soon all the roads will be 30klm no one needs too so stay with something thats safe for you, ausies and also if you go over seas please don't think that the rules that apply here apply for the rest of the world, with a mind set that you have here eg the pedestrians have the right of way it will get you killed in many countries around the world, so please be safe.

    • +1

      Back home sounds rad. Maybe you should go back.

      • -4

        Or i will retire there that's for sure, keep working for that 2mil house you will never enjoy.

  • Good value considering the kit on the bike. Trek after-sale service is pretty good as well.

  • +1

    Fancy road bikes like this one are usually placed in segments like road(aero, climbing,all-rounder), similar to time trial specific bikes(Chrono, triathlon, endurance) etc.

    The emonda is meant to be a climbers bike. Slightly more upright and lighter without some of the bulk of the aero Madone.

    However the mid tier emonda trek is a porker. Range topping climbing frames might weigh as little as 600grams, mid tier around 800grams.

    This frame I've seen quoted at 1250grams(frame 1142g, fork 165g). While this doesn't mean its a bad bike it does make it uncompetitive against other models in its category.

    I agree you could always drop some weight yourself though :)

    • +2

      Most in this segment and price bracket are around the 1000-1150g weight bracket though (mid-tier Tarmac SL7, Giant TCR Advanced, Merida Scultura). It's on the heavier side but not exceptionally so - and getting carbon wheels makes up for it I would say.

      • I don't disagree with you, it's good to know what the trade offs are.

        it's a heavy frame especially for a climber, but you get electronic shifting and excellent after sales support.

    • +3

      if you ask me, trek is a better deal because of electronic shifting and carbon wheels.

      • +1

        Ya Di2 is far from necessary but gives you insane reliability


  • Great deal, esp with the wheels.
    Shame they never seem to discount the Domane

  • Buy second hand and save some $$

    • -1

      Risky for carbon bikes

    • +2

      It depends on what you're after. For 12 speed electronic shifting, even second hand you're barely in this price bracket. Most 11 speed Ultegra Di2 disc brake roadies are going for at least $3.5k+ second hand.

    • +1

      I bought a bike recently, was looking at second hand options but ended up buying new. People selling second hand now bought during the last 2-3 years when bikes were in extremely short supply and prices were high. Supply has now caught up and the new bike market is flooded with bargains as seen in this post, but the used bike sellers have not adjusted their prices. TLDR buying a new bike is often similarly priced or cheaper than a used one currently.

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