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Win $10,000 Visa Debit Card and a Year's Supply of Zooper Dooper Worth $364 from Southern Cross Austereo



Closing Date 30/11/2023
Draw Date 04/12/2023 12:00pm


Description $10,000 Visa Debit Card and a year's supply of Zooper Doopers (52 bags)
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $10,364.00

Entry Requirements

Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Website
Prerequisites n/a

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    Any physicists want to chime in on the eternal question?

  • In space — it is nearly a vacuum, which means freezing is impossible despite the low temperature.

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    I asked Chat GPT and it says 3km.

    Chat GPT stated that the average temperature at sea level as a general global average is 15 degrees Celsius.
    Additionally, It stated that the lapse rate or the rate at which temperate drops with altitude is about 6.5 degrees Celsius per kilometre.

    Therefore considering that the local average is 15 degrees Celsius and it lowers by 6.5 degrees Celsius per 3km, it would be (on a global average) -4.5* C.

    Please correct me if wrong as I want more people to guess the right option !

    • You also need to take into account how quickly they are ascending and how long it takes for it to freeze.

      • Yeah true, the quesiton is very vague IMO and doesn't include most of the stuff you would need to figure it out…

        How well insulated are the ZD?

        What location are they being sent up from?

        What defines frozen ? ( 0 degrees outside or when the product is fully frozen etc)

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          T&C's says the point it reaches freezing temp:

          The Zooper Dooper is starting it’s journey in
          liquid form and a temperature gauge on the launch vessel will track the exact moment the Zooper Dooper reaches freezing
          point and at what distance in kilometres from earth this occurred

    • +3

      Max altitude you can pick is 30km but it's not really space until 100km altitude so im confused.

    • +1

      I went 5km as the balloon would be rising, though as you've pointed out, there are so many variables left empty on this one it's all just a guess.

  • Depends on the latitude and local weather. Subzero by 2-5km but by the time they freeze could be much higher..

  • I watched the video of the launch. They froze at 20,000m which is 20km.

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