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Extra 60% off Selected Fashion, Shoes, Accessories and Homewares + $10 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $100 Order) @ David Jones


60% extra on Sale items in David Jones. Only a few things left and small sizes but good opportunity to find a bargain. I get some Gant polo and Brooks brothers shirts.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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David Jones
David Jones


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    Stack with 10% upsized cashback (cap at $20) and 10% Westpac cashback (cap at $25)

    • Where's the cashback?

      • The upsize has ended at 7pm. Westpac is whole day

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    Yo those are $400 sweatpants

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    DJs are doing their best to follow in Myer’s footsteps by the looks of it.

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      how so?

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        They’re getting rid of the few good men’s clothing brands that they had and replacing them with average, overpriced ones where you’re better off just going to Uniqlo etc. They began stocking Church’s, Rag and Bone and a couple of similar higher end brands which is the direction they should’ve kept going in. Myer decreased the quality of their stock and ended up with stores full of trash, resulting in them closing down as the same quality could be had for cheaper elsewhere. I like DJs and they’re still reliable for quality overall, I’d just like to see their purchasers make some better decisions.

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          Pretty sure the DJs founder rolled in his grave when he heard that DJs would start selling Cotton On.

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          stores full of trash

          stores full of trash with $600 price tags

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    Thanks bought 6 pairs of socks for $22!

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    Been looking for a 99% off deal on this one!


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    Have shopped DJs sales many times, finding great Deals available locally…

    These are the left overs! Heavily reduced.

    Most chinos were size 42" & up
    When finding my size available, shows We are sorry. There is no stock available.

    Where shows stock as available, most only available 700k away.

    Found 1 shirt am interested in locally.
    When ordered 1, The quantity selected is more than is currently available. Waste of time😜

    As I've found in previous clearance sales - when staff go to find item (a day later) - not found.
    Explanation was someone else has bought in the mean time / stolen / phantom stock on DJs system.
    So ordering for delivery can be disappointing.

    Ringing store to check is a very slow process.

    • I suspect when the staff go find the item for the online order, they buy it themselves if its a really good deal

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        Many have complained in previous DJs sales their orders were cancelled, due to lack of stock.

        Suspect away, but that's no proof.

        Highly doubt it. More likely incorrect stock system. This is old clearance stock. It's a problem for many retailers. Especially when its last 1 in store.

        When I placed a larger order of heavily discounted Hanks Jams, staff found none. Order was delivered from store 75k away. Great service.

        Wrong size or colour may have been recorded as sold - so none left in desired size.
        (I've asked The Iconic to check a different size or colour - they found the correct stock incorrectly shelved! Gave me it free!)

        At another retailer, stock system showed 3, shelf had 0. Staff member & I searched & found the missing stock down back of shelves! Left her a packet of cookies & note of thanks😄

        But if a staff member picking orders couldn't quickly find an item, would just record as unavailable!

        OR friendly DJ's staff at my local stores, in the past have put things aside for me as they know what I like. It waited under counter until I turned up. Then they'd proudly show me their treasures😄
        (Got to train staff to look after you😉)
        Of course staff won't be able find those for other orders!

        They've put aside $50 polo reduced to $10, bought FREE with regular $10 DJs voucher.
        $180 shoes my size for $22.

        Got so much clothes from DJs at heavily discounted prices.

        Put on light cotton pants last week, to find label still attached. $50 reduced to $15, bought with $10 DJs voucher for $5!
        Bought $150 great G-star Raw shirts for $27. $360 cool wool suit jacket for $27 after $20 voucher.

        Received another $50 last month in DJs vouchers.

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    The amount of honest to god trash is impressive. Fast fashion really is confusing..

  • This Bendon bra for $15.60 looks like good value, fair range of sizes too. C&c unlikely. https://www.davidjones.com/product/bendon-conscious-simplici…

  • Xmas present sorted!

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    4 Lobster/Crab Spades $6 $2.40 🎉
    Only available in WA😢
    That makes me crabby!

    • This would make a great secret santa stocking stuffer haha

  • Random clothes in random sizes will sell.

    But not sure they can sell single pillow cases with no matching doona covers. Found some nice standard and euro pillow cases. Look for the same pattern doona cover, gone.

    And agree, there’s some hideous fah-shun items if you look.

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    I swear David Jones has one of the worst websites on the planet. And they wonder why they are losing sales.

  • Picked up a few things- thanks OP!

  • Just in time for gstar jeans thanks op

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