Flight Ticket Price Protection- ANZ Black Rewards

Hi All

Just wondering if anyone had applied for the price protection on the flight tickets on ANZ Black Rewards ? I purchased a flight ticket a month ago which has now dropped $400 dollars in price. I do have the evidence available of the current price.

Anyone tried claiming with their credit card provider?



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    ANZ Black Rewards


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    ANZ Rewards Black credit card does not have any price drop protection.

    • Damn :(

  • What are cancellation fees and policy?

    Cheaper to cancel and convert to flight credit? Then apply on new fare and use the remainder at a later date? Or did you book non-refundable etc.

    • Can cancel it 3 weeks before and get a refund. However, the refund can take up to 60 BD to process….

      • I mean, unless you are desperate for the money that’s a no brainer.

  • Credit card price protection generally only covers physical goods.

  • The complimentary insurance doesnt provide price protection cover.


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