PS5 Console - Black Friday Best Offer Opinions

Hey everyone,

as the title suggests, wanting to know which is the best offer to go with for the PS5 Console bundle at this stage? The cheapest i thought was the PS5 God of War bundle at $619 but the closest store to have stock of it is TheGoodGuys in Shepparton, VIC which is 200kms from me and they dont do other store or home delivery for it. I'd imagine its the similar case in other states.


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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023


  • Domayne seems like the best option from

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      hesitating on pushing checkout

      598 (with 'bonus' gift card) —- that's good!
      supporting gerry —- that's bad!


    • I ordered one from domayne on the 17th of November and still can't get an update about when it might be shipped… Anyone else had this issue?

  • I am also looking for the ps5 bundle, you able to secure any decent deal

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      I just went with JB hifis PS5 spider-man 2 bundle but got them to price match with the Harvey Norman offer of $648.

  • If anyone really wants a PS5 slim, it's available from Amazon US (MWIII bundle) for $944 shipped.
    Just got mine today and it's working great.

  • From what I've seen the best way to get a ps5 is to buy the 15% of giftcards from Coles on Wednesday and go to jb hi-fi and get them to price match Harvey Norman and get a PS5 + Spider-man 2 for aprox $550

  • We thinkinging good deals on friday?

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    The best deals would be the ones already available, the system won't get any cheaper.

    All the GOW bundles between $598 and $619 had very limited stock.

    The best one, Blasphemy aside, is the Gerry Norman Spiderman 2 Bundle for $648.

    • won't get any cheaper


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        Yeah, wasn’t expecting such great eBay Deal.

  • Time to cancel the GOW bundle from Domayne with no delivery timeline after the Spiderman bundle score.

    • Which store's offer did you go with for the Spider-man bundle?

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        The Ebay deal

        • Congrats! Which I could have gotten that! oh well! Does it come with the physical game, btw?

  • Did you miss the deal on Friday?

    It was the Ebay sale… was $506.99 or something like that. Disc, bundled with some Spiderman game.

    I don't think it will get an lower.

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