[PS5, XSX] Star Wars Jedi: Survivor $38 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Harvey Norman


Seems like the all time lowest price. As always, price match with other retailers because f**k Gerry.

Personally I will wait till it's on Game Pass but I thought it might interest somebody so always good to share occasionly. Good karma I hope and much easier than helping an old guy with his groceries.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • +3

    Excellent game.

    • Agreed, it is astonishingly good. At $38 it is fantastic value. I paid about $70 for the Xbox version when it came out, no regrets. The only time in years that I've bought a brand new release title, based on how good the prequel Fallen Order was.

  • Will it drop further for BF next week?

  • +1

    I loved the first one so I'm hanging to play this.

  • +1

    will be free soon on game pass

    • How soon?

      • January/February is my opinion. Who really knows, it could be tomorrow.
        Usually they are 9-12 months after release.
        So between January - April is all i can suggest based on past titles.

        • Ah right, I thought I’d missed an announcement! That would be cool, but happy to finally try it at this price :)

  • +1

    PC version version as well but as with all the retail copies, it's likely to be an Origin DRM code

  • -1

    Nah… pay Harvey Norman because the others aren’t Saints either.

    • +3

      ^^^ this. If JB HiFi had a human face, we'd all wanna punch that as well.

    • +4

      I don't think any large company is but none of them pulled JobKeeper scams like this useless twat.

      • +3

        You forgot to mention him campaigning for the GST on items under 1k as well as defending floptus in the ads hahaha

        • +1

          Good point! I forgot about the GST campaign, absolute scumbag.

  • Will Amazon price match?

    • +5

      Let me call Jeff…

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