Laptop Sans Windows

The first thing I do after purchasing a new laptop is deleting Windows and replacing it with Linux.

This seems such a waste, spending money on something I do not require (and even resent), though there does not seem to be an option to get the same device cheaper without Windows.

Or is there?


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    Whitebox and barebones laptops do exist. Like Nuc's and Clevo's?

    e,g Intel X15 RTX3060 Barebone Laptop (BKC71EBGU6000, BAC71HBBU6000 etc)

    • Most of those come with Windows…

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        "Memory, storage and operating system need to be purchased separately and are not included with the IntelĀ® NUC X15 Laptop Kit."

  • maybe buy second hand?

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    sudo apt-get windows refund

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      sudo apt refund windows


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    metabox ? (aka clevo)

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    try Framework Laptop

  • There are made for Linux laptop sellers Slimbook & Tuxedo, but unfortunately it doesn't seem like a money saver.
    They sell more on the "don't waste your time trying to get Linux to work properly on a designed for Windows Laptop" angle than on "don't pay for Windows" angle.

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      The last time I had problems getting Linux 'to work' was late 1994, when our collective memories of the UNIX command "passwd" didn't include using it to set the **initial* password for the system.

      Still, it wasn't a total waste of a 1.44 floppy. The patience I learnt helps me when trying to get Windows to work properly on a laptop allegedly designed for it.

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    Metabox, as above, comes with no OS.

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    OEM windows are so cheap for manufacturers to install and deploy that it will actually be harder to take a machine out of production line before window installation.

    Instead of focusing which machines can be bought without windows, it will be more beneficial to focus on which machines have the best support for linux.

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      Plus why not dual boot Windows while you're at it.

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      I can buy (as a not-for-profit) a set of OEM keys for $25 each, up to 50 licences. If I'm buying in lots of 10k, like a PC builder does, it'd easily be an order of magnitude less.

  • Mini pcs without Windows installed are common and often inexpensive, laptops without Windows installed are common, but I've never seen a cheap laptop without Windows.

  • Resent windows lol

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      Every windows user resents it too!

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    False premise. Microsoft makes very little from Windows licensing.
    Dell was selling PCs with Linux, but there was not much demand as Linux is so easy to install, and users install their favourite distro, keeping the Windows license just in case, or for resale.
    Dell has official support for Ubuntu.

    It is hard to go wrong if you get a Lenovo/Dell/HP business oriented laptop. Just don't get Surface for Linux, or Apple unless it is old model with Intel.

  • Search the laptop manufacturer's web site to figure it out. Some do and some do not.

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    I am banging my head 99% of times with linux, it is always broken. Windows is far always just working with no issues.
    I suggest just use windows if not they just buy second hand devices to use linux on if you are not dumb like me who only knows how to mess up OS, (or Linux OS only decides to mess up with me)

    • Have a play with Deepin linux, been solid and easy to work with for me. (not a Linux expert)

  • Good for resale value Just delete it and reinstall at resale time. No resale for a machine without an OS. People aren't going to settle for Linux at resale time.

    Volume sales also mean cheaper prices on laptops. You'll end up paying more for a non standard laptop because it doesn't have an OS.

    But the Windows version is almost the same price. So you may as well have the Windows licence.

  • This is OzB - wait for a laptop (with windows) to be on special and buy it, then remove windows.
    The windows licence will still have value if you ever sell it

  • Framework laptops?

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    Laptop Sans Windows

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    Have you thought of Chromebooks?

    • OP wants to install (full) Linux but this is somewhat possible with Chromebooks I believe

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