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Men's Briefs: 3 Pairs $27, Mens Trunks: 5 Pairs for $54, or 10 Pairs for $90 + $5.50 Shipping @ Funky Trunks


Funky Trunks Men's Underwear

Funky Trunks is an Australian Swimwear brand who have also been doing underwear for quite some time.
These are in my opinion the most comfortable underwear (briefs for me.)

They regularly have bundle promo but this is the first time I have seen a discount on top of that which is an additional 10% off the multi-undies packs for Black Friday. I do not know when this promo is valid to.

Briefs 3 for $30, less 10% = $27
Trunks 5 for $60, less 10% = $54
Trunks 10 for $100, less 10% = $90

You choose each pair individually - not a pre-made up pack.

+$5.50 shipping for orders between $30 and $100.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • I know its said a lot, but my god why are they so expensive! I guess they aren't, but they just don't last it seems.

  • Am i missing the obvious, or do they not list the materials anywhere?

    • +1

      Per the "My Style" section on the page it states:

      Constructed from a premium cotton and elastane blend that provides a soft handle and excellent breathability it is a great option for guys who love their briefs.

  • I found in their FAQ: https://www.funkytrunks.com/pages/8-faq
    "C-Infinity is a polyester fabric that is used exclusively in Funky Trunks and Funkita swimwear"

    • This is for their swimwear. Their underwear is a "cotton and elastane blend"

  • Super comfy undies, good deal

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