[PS5] Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cut $54 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ BIG W


Been hanging out for a price drop on this relatively expensive (but worthy) title. Plenty of stock.
JB have it for $57 too.

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  • +6

    Great ps5 title! Cant wait for sequel

  • -6

    too expensive for a 2020 game

    • +10

      Your loss

    • You can get GOTY The Last of Abby part 2 cheaper than this game.

    • +3

      Agreed, I bought this for $50 in 2020… it's an amazing game, but wow it's held value!

  • Beautiful art style. Imo the game gets a samsey after a while, not a deal breaker for most people though.

    Hoping for a decent price drop on TLOU Part 1 🤞

  • +2

    Played it as part of the PSPlus subscription. Great game, spent many hours doing full completion.

  • +2

    Great game but Sony first party game pricing this generation is completely cooked… glad I was able to pick up Spiderman 2 for $20 the other day, otherwise I would of been waiting years for it to come to PS+ Extra.

    • +5

      would of have

  • This or sekiro?

    • +4

      Definitely both IMHO.

      Totally different games though.

    • +4

      Ghost of Tsushima is not very difficult

      Sekiro is very difficult

    • +1

      This is like far cry with samurai background. Personally i found it rather repetitive and boring.

    • +1

      Apples and Oranges, Sekiro, like most FromSoftware games is extremely dependent on split second reaction timing and mastery of the combat system, and if you don't, it can be quite alienating. Ghost doesn't need quite that level of precision, there's definitely spikes but compared to some of the late game stuff in Sekiro, it feels more achievable and assailable. Both amazing games though, they're some of the only games that I've pushed myself to 100% complete.

      • Thought they were both from software games but it's only sekiro from them, that explains the difficult

    • They are 2 different games. Get both

  • this or forbidden west?

    • +3

      This. I got bored of FW and didn't bother completing it. Played through Tsushima twice (PS4 then PS5 DC).

      • I did the completionist approach on this, only to give up when I got the half way point. Probably should have just dragged out some of the exploring longer, burnt myself out …

    • I had played both.. and I say this.. (ghosts of tsushima)

  • This game is also on the Playstation plus game collection

  • +3

    This or not this?

  • Should be real price cut after Christmas ?

  • +2

    They ever going to port this to PC?

  • +2

    Great game but it's on PlayStation Plus, doing my second playthrough on PS4 currently, I really hope we get some form of a sequel/prequel of this game. Very rare for me to ever replay through a games campaign this is one of the few.

  • Extra 10% off with Everyday Extra promo, brings it to: $48.60

  • I have to finish god of war then the super cheap Spiderman 2 I got before I buy this but it's on the list

  • Price match at EB and I’m golden.

  • +1

    My favourite game of the last few years.

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