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[PC, Steam] Wicked Times - Free @ Steam


Another freebie to add to the pile of never to play games.
This game will become a paid game.


Just a heads up: currently the plan for the game is to go to a basic $1.99 price in about a week. This follows the Early Access release plan, where, as updates come out, the price will gradually increase. This will keep being the case without further announcements.
Anybody with the game already in their library will not be affected in any way.
Anyone who whishlisted might want to download now.

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    Looks like a high school project.

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      I recently saw screenshots of a game where all the art assets were created using AI. Quite aweful; there was no aesthetic consistence, since a bunch of different art style. AI hasn't made art directors and digital artist and texture artists obsolete.

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    Looks like a hobby project

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    Someone figured out how to make a game in PowerPoint

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      I thought you were exaggerating, then looked at the Steam page. You were not.

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    as updates come out, the price will gradually increase.

    That's a good plan. It'll help pay for the refunds.

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    I'm at the point where i'm not even adding free games to my steam library, this is how far down the quality ladder we have come, especially of the last few i have seen posted on ozbargain.

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      gotta have standards? mine are 'it's free, I'm adding'

  • Cool! Thanjk you

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