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Vornado 660 Large Air Circulator (Black Finish) $174 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ The Good Guys


$169 in your cart via Price Beat. I don't own one (yet), would prefer a DC model but I'm tempted at this price. Looking forward to hearing from any satisfied owners.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


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    In before DC..

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    $169 at Costco

    • Can't see any stock at Costco for online purchase

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        That's in store

    • Yes I saw it in-store at Costco Coomera (Gold Coast) at $169 this afternoon - they were below $140 on Costco online a few days ago. They are great units.

  • was $130 something at costco daily a couple days ago

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      Thanks, but my Tardis is busted so I can't get back to 11-November ;-)

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    im a fan of vornado fans

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      I also used to be a fan, but now im an aircon

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        that blows
        cool story

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    I have one of these and a 633DC. The DC gets used far more frequently and if I was going to buy another I'd get a DC.

    • The 633DC is medium, blade diameter 23cm vs the large 25.8cm. Do you notice a difference in noise and/or performance?

      • The 660 blows more air, but is a lot noisier. I prefer the 633DC due to the additional control on speed, and being able to turn it on/off remotely with a smart plug. The 660 is the "open the door and blow cool air in" device, while the 633DC is what we use in the room we're in due to the noise.

  • A good price. Currently $211 on Amazon after 19% discount.

    I chose to pay the extra for the 633DC ($182 at GG Commercial), thanks to the heads up by Morphio

    Amazon price is currently $220 for the 633DC.

    While I have not used a 660 I chose the DC model after reading so many comments about the benefits of DC models …. quieter, slower and faster, more control. For me the major benefit is a physical on/off/speed control so I can switch it on and off with a smart plug. Can't do that with the 660.

    For those who question paying so much for a fan, they definitely do produce a narrower beam of air current than a typical fan, so the airflow penetrates further.

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    Vornado is having a black friday sale starting on 20th November. From email received, it says up to 35% off selected Air Circulators, Air Purifiers and Bundles.

    • thanks!

    • @pedro it is on their official website?

      • As it starts tomorrow, the website will probably be updated then.

  • large air circulator

    not a big fan of this terminology

  • Yeah waiting for a 633DC version to go on special.

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    Or… get the Mistral equivelant from Bunnings $69.99…

    • The Mistral fan is able to oscillate automatically in both vertical and horizontal directions, which the Vornado fan is not capable of. Something to consider.

  • Unfortunate that the Dreo CF714S is not available in Australia and seems to only be 120v

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    I have only one aircon in my house and it's at the opposite end of the hall to my WFH office. I plug my Vornado in underneath the aircon and it really helps to push the cold air down the hall to where I'm sitting. It's loud, but at that distance it's not noticeable. Definitely recommend.

  • I love it just the tilt adjustment is not smooth.

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