Replacing AMD CPU and PC Won't Work

To elaborate on the subject name

I have an AMD system. Currently running
Asus x-570f gaming motherboard
And Ryzen 2700x
Gskill 3200mhz 32gb ram

I have tried updating my cpu to the newer 5700x cpu

My bios was up-to-date, and made sure that I could install the 5700x. It would get past the bios screen but it would sit on the win 11 welcome screen with the loading wheel either freezing or continuing to spin.

I returned the first 5700x cpu and ordered a new replacement 5700x thinking it was a faulty cpu.
Same problem, would go past bios and get stuck on the loading screen

None of the pins were bent or broken on either of the new CPU’s

I put back my 2700x and the pc would boot fine

I’d tried reinstalling windows - would not fix the issue
I’d removed the cmos battery would not fix issue

I did everything I thought possible to try and fix the problem, even removing each ram stick one by one but no luck

Ever since, I have given up updating my cpu on the pure fact that I feel it doesn’t matter what I change to, it just won’t work

Does anyone know what the error may be? Is it the motherboard?

And no, I don’t want to update to am5 just yet, as that means replacing cpu, motherboard and ram


  • According to this site
    Updating BIOS may be required to support the AMD Ryzen 7 5700X CPU. Minimum BIOS version required: (4021 - Vermeer)
    I know you said you updated it, but double-check.

  • I quadruple checked 😂😂. So that was definitely the first thing I tried. I even deleted the bios file and re downloaded the bios again and again

  • +3

    Try booting a linux from pen drive to see if it is working fine for you. If it works , then most likely a windows issue preventing you from using your superpowers

    • So if it’s a windows issue, then why will windows load with the 2700x cpu, but not with 2 different 5700x CPU’s?

  • Normally if you get through the entire process of reinstalling Windows the system boots to a login screen. Are you saying you got through the entire process of reinstalling Windows from scratch and it still failed to boot? Did you delete all the partitions off the drive prior to reinstalling?

    I know you said you removed the CMOS battery but have you tried shorting the Clear RTC ram jumper (make sure you do it with the system unplugged)?

    • So directly after the bios screen shows up, if gives you the window logo with the circle loading, right before it has the welcome page to enter you passcode or password etc, it gets to that point with the 5700x. But no issues booting windows like normal with my 2700x installed

      And yes, I make sure to have pc unplugged and not touched for a couple mins before touching the cmos, and also done the clear rtc jumper and no change

  • I did similar and it was the ram. it wont boot with xmp enabled, works fine with out it enabled,

    • I believe I tried that, did you change from a 2000 series cpu to 5000 or above?

      • I went from 2700x to 3800x.

      • +1

        Set your ram to 2133mhz

  • I've upgraded from a 2700x to a 5600 CPU and had heaps of issues.
    Forums and Reddit's are full of complaints with no real solutions.
    I got to a point where the system boots fine now, I pretty much kept trying everything you've done until it kicked in. Mine didn't post tho, when it started booting, windows was fine.

    But now the bios will always reset when the PC loses power. Of course I've changed the CMOS battery, update bios to different versions, etc, no dice.

    My conclusion is that there is something not quite right with the mobos/AMD bios that crap themselves with these CPU upgrades 😕

    • I've upgraded from a 2700x to a 5600 CPU and had heaps of issues.

      I've upgraded from a 3200G to a 5600G, and it didn't even hiccup. All that happened is that the ability to sleep, which was documented as not available on that motherboard, but had been working, stopped working. But then the chipset (X300) is one that is designed for a very wide range of CPUs. Many others aren't. They are only able to be simultaneously compatible with a couple of generations of Ryzens.

    • Honestly, I spent days, and I mean days just trying to solve it, reset after reset, with no resolve. I was frustrated thinking why won’t this work, and when I replaced with another and it happened again, that was just icing on the cake. It seems I will just wait and upgrade to am5 once I decide to

  • can you go into bios and is your cpu recognised there?

    • CPU is displayed as a 5700x under the bios, but when you save changes or discard, it will go to the windows right before the screen where you enter a passcode or password. Just freezes at that stage

      • that is very strange indeed

        when you say that you reinstalled windows, I assume you mean you used the older CPU that works and did some kind of reinstalling in that config. have you tried fresh wiping your SSD and doing a fresh install of windows from a bootable usb, booting from the bios using the 5700x?

        • Tried a bootable windows drive, I tried just a reinstall from the main windows. Did this all off the old cpu, tried it on the new cpu also. It made no difference. It’s got me dumbfounded as to why the old cpu continues to have zero issues, but yet 2 different 5700x will not work at all. I don’t think I’ll bother trying again until I go to am5

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