Wanting to Buy 3.5 HDD & Bay

hi everyone im just curious has anyone experienced buying from ali express either 3.5 Hard Drives or The 3.5 Hard Drive Bays so i can get data off the 3.5 drives im looking at getting a 4 to 8 tb hard drive at 3.5, or with black friday cybermonday happening this week should i buy from ebay/amazon for them


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    Buy local to ensure you get the product you’re buying, and have warranty recourse if anything goes wrong.

    • do u think we will get them dead cheap with black fri cybermonday here

      • Based on previous years, I wouldn’t hold your breath to be honest.

        • first time im ever buying on black fri/cyber monday so i dunno what it was like previous years

          • @DarkSide: It changes every year, there’s no set expectation. Depends on companies themselves, demand/supply levels and marketing budgets. Past performance is not an indicator of future.

            You’re basically hoping for WD or Seagate to have massively discounted stock.

            • @Hybroid: i actually bought a 3.5 WD Red 4tb 108 posted on ali

    • ?

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