Looking for Laptop Suggestion - Portable Workstation - under $2000

I am looking for a laptop under $2000.

Looking for
* Good Performance & Screen
* Good Battery Life
* Good Quality
* Prefer Windows

Don't mind about
* Weight
* Chunky designs or looks. Infact would prefer non slim ones as they generally don't run very hot.

Will be used for
* 50% Programming
* 20% High intensive programming including deep learning and might try LLM models on local
* 15% Regular browsing
* 15% Casual gaming

My preference was always desktop. However, I see myself moving places every 6 months to 1 year for the next few years. Hence looking for a laptop.


  • +1

    Open to Mac or Windows only?

    • I am open to both. But place Windows above Mac

  • If Mac then MacBook Pro 14/16
    Else ThinkPad P series
    Upgrade to onsite warranty
    If student get Lenovo Education Store discount

  • It's not that hard to move a small desktop around, aim for matx and it should be fine (it's easier than most furniture). Also the benefits of getting a full sized GPU is you want to play with ML/LLM is pretty substantial.

    • Moving a monitor can be a pain. Got to make sure it's packed properly to prevent damage

      • true, guess it depends how far moving is. Last two moves I just threw them in the back seat of the car but I was only moving 20 minutes away.

        I also just run a desktop out of my PC these days for gaming and remote into it for other stuff.

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