Looking for a Dual Monitor Setup for Home

Hey Guys,

Looking to ideally get a dual monitor setup for home. Thinking of two 24inch monitors.

I am not into gaming but would like to future proof and have a good high detail monitor, was thinking 1440p monitors. Not too sure about the refresh rates but from researching, looking above 120hz.

My computer is a Macbook Pro M2 Pro.

Any recommendations for the following would be great:
1. Ideal price for each monitor would be around $200-300.
2. Any dual monitor arm setups that would be good

Thanks in Advance :)


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    Lots of options for monitors, recommendation will always be, whatever is on a good promo when you buy.

    1080p minimum for 24inch, 1440p for 27, 4k minimum for 32, bigger than 32 is dumb. High refresh rate monitors are only worth it in specific use cases. You dont need a 120hz monitor for spreadsheets. Higher res/better colour accuracy/better contrast may be more valuable.

    Get two separate single monitor arms, a dual arm will limit placement options.

    • thank you very much :)

  • Check out facebook marketplace for setups going cheap.

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    One 32" 4K is better setup imho.

    • I'll +1 this. I'm a software dev, and went from two 2k(1080p) 24" monitor (one portrait, one landscape) to one 4k 32" monitor, and am very happy with this change. Will obviously depend on your use case.

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    Why do you think you need 120hz? 60hz is the standard and fine for office use. Most of the time you only go higher for gaming or other things that need to be very fast and accurate

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