Sennheiser Open Back Headphones HD 599 Special Edition, Black $125 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Looks like an all time low for these popular head phones.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    Nice find thank you.

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  • Amazing price for a great set of cans.

  • Are they bright or warm ? Can’t stand bright.

    I’m more of a stereo speaker guy myself but if I was a headphone guy I would be 100% all over this cans at this price

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      I bought these to replace my HD 595. I'd say the 595 are brighter, whilst the 599 are warmer.

      There's more bass and less sound stage on the 599.

      Edit: Found a review on the HD 595 that share's the same sentiment.

      The HD599 is a lot bassier and warmer sounding given the substantial (5dB) difference in bass and lower mids. Where the HD599 sounds a bit muddy and full the HD595 sounds much more neutral and a bit ‘boring’.

      • What do you mean by "sound stage" ?

        • Percieved spaciousness. Headphones with good sound stage may make the audio sound like it's coming from the room you're in rather than from the headphones.

          Particularly good for gaming or movies.

    • Bit u shaped. Warm but still has substantial treble.

    • I'd say they're more on the warm side

  • Does this have a mic – if so, how does it perform for work calls on PC?

    • No.

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      Does not have have a mic. Any of the Sennheiser headphones (or Sennheiser colaborations) that have mic tend to have much worse sound quality. I have both the PC360 and PC37X and they sound much muddier with terrible sound stage. However, I would often get compliments on the microphone quality.

    • no

  • These are great, the sound stage is fantastic for 3d locating in gaming.

    • Are there cans this good in wireless form. I really don't want wires.

      • You'll probably have to go $300+. The $150 wireless Senn aren't that good.

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