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Samsung Q Series Q930C 9.1.4 Channel Soundbar $691 Delivered @ Powerland via eBay


Cheapest so far for this ozbargain popular soundbar. No eBay plus membership required.

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    It can be bought for $600 from the regular Samsung store. Credit to qspree.

    • Will work for first Samsung app order

    • Was looking at the Q800C but this is cheaper. Would this be fine if I do not use the rear speakers?

      • Why wouldn't U use the rear speakers? They're actually really good. But still work fine if you choose not to use them

      • Yes, I do this

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        You can use the surround speakers for front channels also if you can't mount them behind.

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        Hey there - I just got the Q990C from a previous deal and the full user manual has a couple of options for the rear speaker palcement.

        Have a look: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/183210/108523/q990c_re…

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      $664 now because the price is reduced to $845

  • i had the q930b before and the rears keep disconnecting, have they fixed it in later models ?

    • Apparently yes, C series has connectivity issues fixed

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      I have the 930b. Mine does not disconnect at all.

      • yea mine connected for 3 months then all a suddent couldnt connect, JB staff spend like 30mins trying in store and ended up refunding

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          wish mine did the same and got a refund :)

    • im just about to return mine ive got simmilar issues and massive audio cuts

  • Does this support chromecast like the Q800B?

  • Pulled the trigger @$664 on samsung store. Don't think it gets cheaper and be in stock.

    Wish I knew about the 50% off member code while it was full price on samsung shop.

  • Samsung App had 15% off which expired 9am AEST today. Went to Good Guys early and they Price Matched for $622. Used previously purchased Ultime Gift cards which were 15% off a few months ago so my actual spend was $528. Was considering 990C but best they could do was $1300. Pretty sure not worth twice as much from my research.

    • Would it be possible for you to share the receipt with me? I'd greatly appreciate your help with this.
      Thank you in advance!

    • Uploaded receipt here:


  • @kman83 could you please share your receipt with me as well? I have just private message you (I believe I done it the right way)

  • Thanks man! Just came back from good guys and used your receipt to get them price match at $622 as well. The salesperson was shocked at the price, but happy to give me the same price. Thanks again! @kman83

    • Could you please share the receipt by masking your details? My store asked the full receipt and they want to see which store did that price. I have pm'ed you.

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