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Anker Soundcore Space Q45 Adaptive Noise Cancelling Headphones $153.99 Delivered @ AnkerDirect Amazon AU


Found this while browsing last night. Available in all colours, also available from the Soundcore website for the same price here:


Seems to be the cheapest price they’ve ever been

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thinking about these for office use, reviews look pretty solid for the price!

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      I've got a set of these I use solely for teams/zoom calls at home and in the office.

      General feedback I get is positive - most background noise is cut out between the microphones and the teams/zoom software noise cancelling.

      I find I need to use them in passthrough mode or I end up shouting at my screen…

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    Q30s at $89.99 are an ATL I believe.

    • Just looking for basic use at work with Teams and some occasional music and podcasts- guessing this will suffice over the Q45? New to ANC headsets, never had one so this will be my first.

      • Probably best that someone else comments on the difference. I don't own either but supposedly the Q45s are quite the step up but obviously there is the price difference. Someone here said that the ANC doesn't work if they are plugged in so that is something to note too.

      • Yes it will but the mic on the q45 is a fair bit better if your primary use is for that go the 45s

    • Q30' ANC does NOT work with wired connection. Q45 is much better build with very little extra cost compared to Q35 at the moment.

      • i've got a pair and i'm pretty sure anc works with wired connection

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          Not on Q 30's

    • Q30s are excellent for the price and not too far off these

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    Yes Q45 supports ANC while wired. I believe the Q30 did support this but a firmware update took this functionality away,

    Never had top tier ANC cans but the q45s do me well for public transport commuting and airplane rides.

  • Any great reason to get the Q35's over the Q30's even though there's currently not much difference?

  • Their new Space One headphones are also on sale, anyone tried them and can review/compare?

    • Nowhere near as good

  • How would these compare to the Jabra Elite models many offices gives their employees? The ANC on each of those I've tried has been very poor at drowning out the constant open plan office chatter.

  • The Q30s are $90 on Amazon atm. Should I get this or the Q30s? It seems to me the Q30s are better priced for the features it's offering.

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