Need a PC Build -Budget $1800

Hey guys, I'm a computer science student.

Earlier this year, I bought the MacBook M2 Air, and it does quite a decent job. Still, I've noticed that almost 90% of the time, it's using 6-7 GB of the 8 GB RAM and becoming quite a pain. in trying to run Eclipse along with the few tens of open browsers, it can't operate. In saying that, I want to buy a PC that I could use for most of the demanding workload; my chosen major is Cybersecurity and Privacy or Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics (I can't decide between which :). Also, I want something that I could game a little on, especially with the GTA 6 leaks at the moment.

My budget is around 1.8k and I've tried to make a few builds but I don't know much about PC's so I haven't finalised any of the builds yet and now I would like help from the experts. I was told that I should use but some of the details are just the chipset, and I don't know which is the best bang for the buck.

Thanks in advanced.


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