Recommendations for SSD/RAM upgrades for 2021 Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

Hello all,

I'm looking for recommendations for an SSD (I'm thinking I'd like a 2TB one) and RAM (I'd like to go for 32GB) upgrades for a 2021 Lenovo Legion 5 Pro. I'm just overwhelmed by the options, so need a bit of help. It's mainly used for gaming and not much else, so whatever works best for those would be great. I don't mind paying a bit extra for performance/reliability, so the don't have to be the lowest cost options in all cases. I am aware that Black Friday is coming up and am happy to wait for whatever comes down then - just need recommendations for brands/models to look out for.

Thanks in advace!


  • WD SN570, not the fastest, but one the most reliable ssd on the market.

  • I think I have the same model, is it Legion 5 Pro 16ACH6H?

    I've upgraded mine with 32gb RAM and 2tb/1tb SSD.

    RAM: 2 x 16GB DDR4 Crucial 3200MHz CL22 SODIMM (CT16G4SFRA32A) They are around $74 each atm

    SSD Primary (C:): 2TB Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus
    SSD Secondary (D:): 1TB Kingston A2000 looks like they don't make this anymore and has been superseded by newer model

    For the SSD, make sure you buy m.2 NVMe 2280. The rest of the specs you can determine based on speed or whether it has DRAM.

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