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amaysim $165 140GB 1 YR for $125 + 2000 EDR, Cocobella Coconut Water 1 Litre $2.75, Head & Shoulders 660mL $9.45 @ Woolworths


The amaysim starter pack is the cheapest long expiry options with international calls and text. Bonus 2000 Everyday Rewards Points. Full plan details. Renews at $165/365 days.

  • 140GB data with unlimited banking
  • Unlimited international talk and text to 28 countries
  • Unlimited national talk and text

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  • Pepsi, Solo, Mountain Dew or Schweppes Lemonade Soft Drink Varieties 10 x 375ml 1/2 Price $8.25

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    Amaysim is already doing 150GB for $130 on their website so not sure if 140GB for $125 is such a big deal

    • $130/150g does not include any international call&text. This is effectively $115/140g(125-10), and you can use 10% everyday monthly discount to bring it down(125*0.9-10=102.5). But again, you may have some cash back from amaysim. Pick whichever you like.

  • Cocobella Coconut Water is cheaper at Amazon AU

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    anyone know about activation dates?

    • 12 months from purchase date.

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    Can the code be used for renew of current plan (about to expire)?

    • Called Amaysim and they said starter pack are only for new customers. Wondering if we can just port out (from currently expiring Amaysim) to another provider and back in to use this hmm?

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        You definitely can

  • i cant see the deal in upcoming catalogue for wa?

    • 43

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        ah yep hidden away down the bottom, thanks mate

  • Catch and Kogan have cheaper 365 plan deals at the moment. Less data/features, but if you mostly just need a phone plan.



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      No international calls in any of these plans..

      • Unlimited international talk and text to 28 countries

        • I meant no international calls in Catch or Kogan plans.

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    Optus no thanks

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    My phone gone silence for 14 hours and they offered me only 60 gb upto december for loosing at least $700 worth of business between 7-1pm… . Goodbye amaysim ..

    • +1

      No telco (actually no business) will compensate on knock on indirect lost, at least no unless you hire a lawyer.

      • Yeah true though… i need to comb thru the T&C that telcos using to shield themselves since vodafail. Consumer protection will also be useful .

    • Why didn't you have a spare Telstra or voda sim sitting in a drawer for situations like this? It's hardly the first time that a mobile network has gone down.
      When I running a small business a couple of years ago and the local Telstra tower was down for a couple of days and disrupted my Boost connection I just activated the $2 voda sim that I had for such occasions and was offline for just a few minutes. Ok, I was $20 or so out of pocket, but a lot better than the $700 you lost. I wonder what other business disruption risks you might be able to mitigate at low or zero cost?

      • I was thinking of changing to landline , however in optus case ,all connections were cut off. 🤔 so I would need to consider getting a second number with different provider such as tesltra or boost or voda

        • It depends on if you rely on people calling you on a phone number. Online options like Messenger, Signal, Skype etc avoid the need for a second number as you just need data.

  • Can I buy the amaysim using woolies gift card?

    • +2

      I believe you can. I think you can't use a GC to buy or recharge a W mobile deal, but you should be able to for Amaysim.
      With Everday Extra, you should get double points as well

      • Thank you for taking out time to reply, appreciate it.

      • May I ask where to get Woolies GC at discount?

        Also noted in Everyday Rewards Extra exclusions:

        What products can I not apply my Extra Discounts on?
        The Extra Discount cannot be used for or on any smoking or tobacco products and accessories, liquor, gift cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards, tickets, cash outs, delivery charges (including Delivery Unlimited items), bag fees, donations, Carpet Care, lottery products, pre-order kiosks, purchases on a charge account, BIG W Photos online, Apple products, gaming consoles, rainchecks, BIG W eBay, BIG W Market, DukeLiving, pre-orders, lay-by fees, remote and bulk orders or Everyday Market from Woolworths orders.

        So if I buy the Everyday Rewards Extra, the final cost work out to be 125*0.9-20 = $92.50?

        • You can get woolies gift card @4% off from RACV or My NRMA.

          • @v1nn1e: Thanks, so if all that go through (fingers cross), that should be 85.75 for 140g with International calling for 365 days. Not a bad deal at all.

      • +1

        Just bought this SIM at WW, can confirm that the 10% applied. Paid with a 5% discount (Seniors) GC and free EX membership, scored $21.25 worth of ER points.
        So all calls and texts, local and international, and 11.66GB of data (which is plenty for me) works out at $7.11 per month. Pretty pleased with that

        • Well done and thanks for the update .

          This is good news for those who is hunting for the $60 deal. I think this is actually better that the last $60 deal as it's more flexible.

          Just wonder what was the expire date on your pack?

          • @syswong: Cannot actually see an expiration date but the external packaging says that the information is correct as at November 2023.
            It's 12 months to activate SIM card

            • @branners: Thanks

              That is even better as I can buy now and decide later if I am to use this for my main number (thinking of port to More to utilise the 3 months free), or I can port out and port back my second number to use this sim when the $60 deal expire May next year.

        • The Everyday Extra discount of 10% does apply. You do not get double bonus points as you suggested.

          • @deeshay: Why not? The 10% off Ts and Cs seem to exclude mobile recharges which is what is also said for the 2x points. But if you can get the 10% off, why wouldn't you also get the 2x points?

            • @orbz: I agree with you.

              However, I purchased 2 of these today and did not get 2x bonus points. I did get the 10% and I did get 2x points on the dollar value.

              • @deeshay: Gotcha, it must only apply to the points from spend and not the bonus points. So then the final cost is probably $125*0.9-10-(112.5 * 2 * $10/2000) = $101.38.

                • @orbz: Include the NRMA discount gift card:
                  (1250.90.96)-10=98 per Sim.

                  Just want to make sure, no mention of expire date on package?

                  • @syswong: There is no expiry date anywhere, but It does state "Activate SIM within 12 months of purchase".

              • @deeshay: I'm wondering if you can only get the bonus everyday rewards points once per everyday rewards account? Maybe you did get double bonus points but only on the purchase of the first sim card and then no bonus points on the second one? @branners claimed that he did receive double bonus points.

                • @drongodave: Quite possibly. The terms and conditions for the 2000 bonus points didn't mention any limit.

                  I can see the transaction in the EDR app, but it doesn't itemise the points for each item.

                  • @deeshay: So did you get double bonus points for first sim?

                    • @hawkeye93: I purchased 2 sims in 1 transaction with Everyday Extra. I received 10% off, 450 points and 4000 bonus points.

                      $250-10% = $225
                      225 points x 2
                      2000 bonus points x 2 (I assume)

                • +1

                  @drongodave: Having just re-read the Everyday Extra terms and conditions. It has specific wording - "With Everyday Extra you’ll receive 1 bonus point for every dollar spent". Dollar being the operative word. The "2x" is a bit misleading at first glance.

                  They do say that "boosters" still work but are not subject to x 2. No mention of "bonus" points not being included or otherwise.

        • Did you actually receive 4000 reward points in your account?

        • -2

          Seriously…. why people so anal on that 2000 points🤔🤔

          its already establish that you will get 10% off and can use discounted GC. You will also get the cash point plus at least the 2000 bonus for the first sim. At this point this is already the best 365 days deal you can get. Does it really matter if you get another 2000 point if yo buy another sim together?

        • GC works? interesting. self checkout or staff?

  • Poped into my local store, couldnt locate it. Woolies app also does not show any stock nearby. Is it something that can be ordered online for delivery or store c&c ?

    • Nope, just have to try another store…..

      • Yeah, friendly store manager had a look and apologised they forgot to order the SIMs in … tbf its a brand spanking new store which just opened last month. But still…

        Anyway, I had my trolley full of groceries, so went ahead and used my 10% discount. I read somewhere, my partner could still somehow claim another 10% discount if she shopped in another WW store, using her Woolies rewards card, which is linked to my account. Or is that a lie ?

  • I was contemplating whether to get one or two to utilise the 10% discount. End up only getting one. And get 2112 points. Only thing did not go as planned was the Woolworth egift card went through and then the system crushed. Of course the staff were blaming me using a gift card to pay for a sim card that cause the issue which is not true. Just their system is garbage.

    Lodge a complain right away with gift card team and they are replacing my gift card. Fingers cross…..

    • Ok, so no double bonus point (4000 pts).

      • -1

        There was never double points, deeshay got 4000 point because he (or she) buy two sim.

        Also credit to Woolworths gift card team for acting so fast. Just got my replacement card so no love lost there.

    • Going to grab one after work, so the self checkout works with GC right?

      • That is where it screwed up for me. No big deal for me as it's only a few dollars different and they refund my GC within an hour

        • Understand, I just grabbed mine, no issue. On everyday extra.
          Total 246.5 (after 10% is 221.85)
          2000pts (sim card), 444 pts (2x pts from extra) also 1998 pts ? ( 10x pts every shop at wws from 20 Nov. Don't know what's that, but good)

          • @ce5himm: Yes I checked the $ value was given 2x points.

            Your other bonus must be related the amount you spent or some offers that you activate which I don't have.

  • anyone know when offer ends?

    • +1

      Next Tuesday or while stock last.

      Note this deal is not a BF sale, just a catalogue special.

  • costco has 99 for 240GB, if you do not hate vodafone, i think that's a much better buy. i was ripped off by wws vodafone deal last week.

  • Does this support eSIM?

  • Has anyone been able to locate a store with stock in Melbourne?
    Tried calling several stores around St Kilda and Prahran, and none stock this Sim card?
    Can also try a CBD store, if anyone knows if stocked 😔

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