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Saucony Guide 15 (Men's, Women's) from $69 Delivered and Other Selected Saucony Running Shoes @ Amazon AU


A few Saucony shoes as part of the Black Friday deals. Most likely clearing out stock.
Bought a Triple Black Guide 15 for my father last Christmas and it has been his go-to pair.
Own a pair of Ride 15's myself, the top fabric now has rips in some places because it is quite thin but that's after a lot of trekking. The soles' quality is great in my opinion.

General prices of popular pairs are below. There are other pairs on sale but availability depends on the size and colour plus delivery if under $59.


Guide 15 from $69
Cohesion 15 from $59
Ride 15 from $69


Guide 15 from $69
Cohesion 15 from $59
Axon 2 from $65

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • ahh cool cheers OP, been wondering about these for a while as have a mate who wears them. I've always worn Nike Pegasus for road going but I'm pretty slow these days so don't think I get much out of what is possibly a faster shoe! Hoping these are just good long distance cruisers.

    • They are. Guides and rides particularly. Just wish they had my size.

  • Only few sizes are on discount. Different sizes of different colors are of different price 🥺

    Triple black 9.5 US is $103.77, 10.5US is $69, 11 US is 149

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    I am not a runner, but I have what they refer to as "problem feet". I bought the Axon 2's a month ago and I have been VERY happy with them: loads of cushioning, which I enjoy, but also lots of arch support that is simply mandatory. I believe I have the standard rather than wide width, even though I'd typically opt for wide, and they fit pretty great, but ymmv.

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    $69 is certainly noice but I am a bit disappointed with Guide 15's outsole. Took mine for a 11km run this morning, and here's the wear and tear after around 430km of mostly easy pace jogging:


    The lateral side of midfoot outsole is mostly gone and started chewing up the EVA midsole. Never happened to my other pairs of shoes before 500km.

    • Yeah certainly bit more wear than my Pegs ever show at that point…having said that if I make it about $/km then $69 sortve still works… I usually transition shoes to "walkers" at 500-600km or treadmill thrashers haha.

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        My last Pegasus lasted me a bit over 1,000km (Peg 35 I think, not a Nike guy) so as an ozbargainer, it still rates higher with $/km. I mean Guide 15 is still a great shoes — the upper is fine, and I quite like the lacing. I just felt that I'm forced to retire a pair of shoes prematurely, making the overall value proposition less attractive.

        • Yeah totally agree. Keen to see how these go as I've long been a Pegasus guy (though my favourite thing is hitting the trails in my NB Hierro!). I'm a very slow road runner so Pegasus probably aren't a great fit really though they've done the job. Just checked my old pair which have about 600-700km on them and they seem to have no outsoul wear at all! I retired them as they started to feel uncomfortable just due to the cushion compacting.

          • @drprox: I used to ride Pegasus 24 all the way up to 31 but they arent even in the same league as Brooks Glycerin, Ghost, Asics Cumulus etc in terms of comfort.

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    If you are a size 10/10.5/11 (Men) Triumph 20 are $96 https://www.saucony.com.au/categories/sale/road/triumph
    fantastic price for various shoe of the year winner 2022
    Great shoes for everyday running

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