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[Switch] Mario + Rabbids: Spark of Hope $24 + Delivery ($0 Click and Collect) @ Harvey Norman


The price going down fast for this game! I think this is the cheapest so far, beating the EB Games price by $4

Team up with Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Rabbid Peach, Rabbid Luigi, and their friends on a galactic journey to defeat a malevolent entity and save your Spark companions in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope.

Key Features:

  • Embark in this epic journey through mysterious, strange, and ever-surprising planets filled with fascinating inhabitants and compelling quests
  • Build your dream team with 3 heroes from an eclectic roster of 9
  • Collect and protect the surprising and powerful Sparks to unleash destruction on new and familiar adversaries
  • Use their special abilities and powers in battle to gain the upper hand in combat
  • Utilise your heroes skills in an innovative combat system, which combines freedom of movement and strategic turn-based decision-making as you take on new and familiar foes

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • +8

    Same price at JB

    • Too bad I did not see your comment before buy from HN

  • +7

    Need gold edition…

  • +1

    Is this game any good? I'm collecting Switch exclusives and thinking my next one is looking like a Mario adventure (already have Mario Kart).

  • +2

    How does it compared to the first game? Thought it was okay but couldn't justify buying this full price.

    • I really liked the original and waited/bought this when it hit $40. I'm happy with the game at that price but my gaming budget may not be yours. Haven't finished as I'm a part-time gamer with too many games on the go.

      Battles are very similar to the first. Open world design can be a bit annoying if you're trying to collect everything - I've mostly main-lining now. The first one was more linear so didn't feel like you were missing stuff. The sparks add a good amount of customisation to weapons & abilities.

  • +2

    Waiting for the gold edition to hit rock bottom

  • +2

    Pretty much been at this price for a while

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