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Logitech Gaming Mice: G502 Hero $74.50, G502X $74.50, G502X Plus $139.50 (OOS) Delivered @ Big W


Big W doing half price on the G502 line with free delivery. Might be an ATL on G502 X Plus.

G502 X Plus supposedly includes PC steam copy of starfield per description (thanks nishyzans)

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    cheaper on amazon

    • +3

      For the G502 X Plus it isn't

      Edit: g502 X is not cheaper on amazon either

  • Good price 502x plus, any good?

    • I returned 2 last time. First one the rubber on side damaged after 1 year. Second one the wheel faulty righ out of the box. So its a hit and miss. Good mouse btw

    • +1

      Yeah I have the G502 X wired, had it for about 3 months, has been great. I have always been a fan of the G502 shape but the old switches would give out after moderate use, the G502 X has new hybrid optical switches which should last much longer.. They do have a different sound to them, but you get used to it quickly.

  • +3

    apparently comes with free version of starfield (ps starfield was a thorough disappointment tho)

    • +1

      You'll just have to give it a couple of years for the modding community to eventually turn it into the game it was meant to be! :)

      • +8

        Bethesda cracked the code. Why pay people to finish your games when the modding community does it for you? That's big brain shit right there.

  • G502 X Plus is "Not available in WA, NT or TAS"

  • Dang that's insane value for my favourite mouse.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, managed to get officeworks to price match down to $132.53!

  • G502X Plus look to be oos?

  • Purchased a G502X Plus. Had a G502 Hero in the past, and really liked having the extra buttons. Didn't love the shape, so when I upgraded I went to a G Pro Superlight. Like, but don't love that. Let's see if this can fit the palm perfect.

  • +2

    Dissapointed to miss out on the 502 X Plus - have been waiting to buy one AND have a Big W gift card spare :'(

    • +4

      If you don't care about RGB there's this one

      • +2

        Thanks - yes I'd been looking at that. But I have a $100 BigW gift card I've been trying to find a use for other than groceries at Woolies. Ah well.

      • +2

        Thanks. Absolutely loathe RGB, so this was great.

  • +1

    Dang, went OOS in my cart while I was trying to get the Everyday Rewards login working. Fingers crossed for more deals on the Plus soon

  • +1

    G502x plus is serving me really well. Playing CS2 most of the time.

  • Damn, I’m hoping someone else matches this price. Can’t get it in WA.

  • +1

    Just price matched this at OW for $132.52 with free delivery

    • Oooh, will they price match if it's OOS, or did you just get lucky?

  • Got the X Plus for 124.99 on eBay brand-new with warranty, lmao.

    • Link ?

      • It’s gone now.

    • Was this a past deal or do you have a link to it? Cheapest I searched that was from a bigger store was Dick Smith $175 for the white one

      • It was a past deal from another seller that I bought from at the start of the year, so the actual page has probably expired now.

  • +4

    G502 X Plus supposedly includes PC steam copy of starfield per description (thanks nishyzans)

    It won't be included.

    That promotion only ran in Europe and was in the form of a Gamesplanet.com voucher that provided a 100% discount on the Steam copy of Starfield.

    Even if the voucher was included it would be useless now as the redemption deadline was last week.

    Someone at Big W wasn't paying attention when ripping images from other sites.

  • +1

    G502 Hero $58 The Gamesmen eBay



  • +2

    Seeing as BigW has sold out, the best I can see right now is on ebay with HGTNOV code which reduces the G502X Plus down to $160 delivered:


    • Manged to get JB to price match Big W anyway, so you could still get lucky.

  • Damn, shame i missed out on the Plus version

  • damn noi superlight. good deal though! thanks for sharing op :)

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