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Hi All,

I currently dual monitors to work from home and have been thinking of upgrading for a long time now. I was keen to purchase a 49-inch curved monitor as I definitely need two screen but from what I have read its ideal for gaming and not for work.

Does anyone use 49-inch curved screens for work? My work is predominately in Word and excel !

Looking for suggestions under $1000.



  • I have used a Samsung CRG9 for productivity/work for a few years now. Absolutely great.

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    just over 1000 though

    I find 2x 27's great for working at home… gives ability to turn landscape or portrait with the screens

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    Personally, I think having two or three individual screens is much better.

    Some of these larger screens are often software controlled in terms of how they break up the screen into "individual" screens. I used a 32" at my old work and it was software-controlled individual screens and it would drive me nuts. But at home, having individual monitors was heaps better.

    I run 3 x 27" screens and they are great plus was pretty cheap too when I got them on special. I work in IT have my left monitor dedicated to Slack and Google Meet, Middle Screen is my primary and right screen is Development code and anything else that I need to see whilst working on my primary.

    Whilst the 49" is just one screen, looks cool and might be better for desk footprint etc, it could be frustrating plus a larger cost.

    49" is over $1,000 or more. 3 x 27" I got for like $900

    Just my 2 cents worth.

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    Large Monitor Suggestions - Work from Home…

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      Then in July next year, new thread.

      Being audited by ATO due to Large Monitor Claim

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        poor eyesight…. 😉

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    Have you seen how much desktop space you get with 32-inch UHD/4K? This one has been posted over in Deals already:…

    At my workplace they keep the C-Suite people segregated from lowly subordinates with fancy tech. One time they all got superwide gaming displays but found they were rubbish with multiple windows open (and not 4K). Then switched to 41-inch, so big you needed to sit halfway across the room. So 32-inch single screen UHD is arguably best for most users, after all we only have one head. Braced for incoming from dual-display lovers…

    • 2-inch single screen UHD is arguably best for most users


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    If you have a laptop, or even a desktop you want it wide not too high , so 4k is not ideal, especially if you want to put your screen behind a laptop and do not want to cover your external screens partially with your laptop screen.

    I found 2x 2560x1440 the best value with most pixel for money, depending how good your eyes are , and space on your desk, I would go with 24" ~ 27"

    Easier to position windows covering just 1/2 of the screen on that setup than on a single wide screen.

    Make sure its IPS display not a cheap VA. I went with Dell, but Samsung or another A class brand should work as well

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    I change from 2x 24 inch HD to 2x 27 inch 2k, it's much improvement. benq on board speaker is great too. Yes I know on board speaker usually not good, but theirs are just awesome.

    • Likewise, I went from 3 x 24 to 3 x 27, amazing the different.

  • 2 x 32" monitors (connected to laptop - screen turned off) allow me to have 8 decent size quadrants (needed for multiple programs I use working from home). Maybe not ideal but I have 1 curved gaming monitor plus 1 "cheaper" flat monitor. When finished work I turn off my work laptop and turn on my PC which automatically works on the same gaming monitor.

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