HIZO 14" Gas Pizza Oven $250 + Delivery ($0 MEL C&C) @ Kegland


$49 off the regular price, I've just ordered one. Seems reasonable, they have two videos on the product page.

FAST - Heats to 500°C (932°F) & cooks a pizza in 1 to 2 minutes. EASY - No assembly, built-in gas ignition & adjustable heat control dial for temperate

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    Would be keen to get some feedback from any long term owners out there. Looks the part and the extra 2'' is always a bonus.

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      Have seen good reviews in their Facebook group

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      I have this and I would say that the 14" is an absolute minimum. In fact, it still seems small to me and it's not like I make outrageously gigantic pizzas. One of the main reasons it you WILL have to rotate the pizza in the oven and there is minimal space to do so with a small peel (the one they use in the videos).

      I will also say that I'm not entirely convinced of the engineering. Take that with a big grain of salt but every time I have used it, the pizza's literally catch fire towards the back. I am more than willing to accept that this is user error but I don't have it anywhere near full blast and they literally can catch fire in 10-15 seconds.
      I have also heard that certain flours can catch fire more easily, so this may also be a thing.
      It is disappointing but I hoping I will learn how to use is better in time.

      Note the above may well be true for any of these types of pizza ovens, not just this Hizo.

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        see my other comment, make sure you are up to temp (minimum 20 mins for the stone) turn it right down to min when you put the pizza in, don't push it all the way to the back & be ready to rotate it frequently as soon as 30 seconds it takes a bit of trial & error but I only burn pizza when I'm not paying attention & it's not turned in time (note I'm not using this exact oven but they all work the same way)

        • yeah I need to do more trial and error.
          By the way, from your other comment about the 500C and the gauge location, I don't even use the gauge and instead I use a laser temp gun and I can confirm that the thing does go way up very close to 500… but of course it depends where - back higher, front lower. Stone heats up very nicely.

          • @bboz: May I ask what material is the Hizo body made of?

            • @Savvy: "Please"

            • @Savvy: hmm, not sure what you mean? It's made of several different materials like stainless tell (inside to reflect heat), a stone base, some sort of cast material on the outside, I think it has plastic legs… or maybe they are also cast.

          • @bboz: Remember an IR gun measures the temp of a surface, not the air temp. Not saying the air isn't that temp, but your IR gun is simply measuring whatever surface you are pointing it at.

            • @tunzafun001: yep, I was talking about the stone / surface temp

      • I had the same issue. Caught fire quickly. I stopped using oil in the dough and no more fires. Hope that helps.

  • have to say the design looks good better than others, less bulky and with frontal control, if its' making 500C great, suspect the temp gauge is a bit of a gimmick given where it is located but at least gives some idea

    • Agree, and temp control is in the front, which is better given the cook times and if you need to quickly kill the flame.

      They have spare stones, accessories are reasonably priced.

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        yeah for those starting out you need to know that once you put a pizza in you turn the heat down or you will nuke it, turn heat back up again once you remove the pizza. Control at the rear makes that a little harder

  • Any ideas on gas usage and warranty? I cant see anything listed.
    The Ooni Koda 12 uses about 0.28 kg/hr and has a 5 year warranty. I am thinking that $250 saving over a Koda 12 would dwindle away pretty quick if the Hizo is not very efficient.

    • Best bet is to call/email them, otherwise you'll likely get a response from them on the FB group I linked

    • someone more knowledgeable may know better than me but with these ovens having to pass AGA I suspect there isn't really much output/consumption difference. The Ooni is going to be better built & has warranty but for more than double the price it's up the buyer to choose. I'm confident the Ooni copy I have will last 5 years and assume it has 2 years warranty under consumer law

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      MODEL HIZO G14
      Injector size 1.11 mm
      Calorific value 14000 BTU
      Type of gas Propane
      Gas pressure 28 mbar
      These gas appliance not much goes wrong with it, the main one would be cracked stone.
      This is 14" vs Koda 12", so would be expected to be more, so in between Koda12 and Koda16 (regarding size and gas consumption).

      From ooni Koda 12 spec: Maximum power: 4kWh (13648 BTU)
      So both are nearly the same (13648 BTU) vs 14000, no much different in gas consumption…

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        I spent some time figuring out how to compare 0.28 kg of propane per hr to Hizo's BTU and thanks to your comment I stopped and realised BTU is as silly as Fahrenheit's or most of non-SI systems.

        Alright to compare one BTU value against another, but makes no sense when need to convert to some useful units.

  • Thanks for the link mate.

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    In case you are scared of misplacing it, the orange one is the same price.


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    Ha I literally bought one of these this morning. Called them and they refunded the difference. Win.

    • Mine arrived last week, not even opened it. Maybe will try this too

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    @huntabargain @pizzaguy - Appreciate the work in relation to my question. Did a bit more of a deep dive myself.
    On the listing for the orange one it has a picture of the gas safety certification. The nominal gas consumption is 15.8 MJ/h which I believe when calculated is 0.316 kg/hr. Comparing that to the Koda 12's 0.28 kg/hr. That seems pretty good to me considering the extra 2''.I will probably pull the trigger.

    • Can't go wrong with this one specially at $250, its a steal. If I am not already have Koda16, I would have def got this one and looks more well built than the other cheaper ovens.

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    I have one (only arrive last week so not tried yet) but the reviews seems good and the extra 2in size compared to the 12in competition was the winner for me, plus the price. Even at $299 was great value.

  • Been eyeing it for a while. Finally bit the bullet. Time to start researching pizza dough recipes.

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    Been using one of these for a while now. Has been fantastic and well worth the money. Took a little bit of getting used to on the first attempt (as expected) but getting fairly consistent results now. The earlier advice about preheating it on high and then backing the temp right down to low to cook helped a lot.

  • Thanks OP - bought one.
    Forgot to add the 8’ spinner. Any good deal
    Anyone know?

    Found deal on wheel cutter:

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      So I just need to buy 50 to get it cheaper then….?

  • Genuine question for those with pizza ovens, is it worth spending extra for a 16"? Many on here really rave about the extra space.

    Something like this from another deal?

    Or does this and the $200 Bunnings one do enough. 16" have traditionally been 4 x the price but that's no longer the case.

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      I wouldn't get the 12" bunnings one for $200.The bigger the oven the more room you have and easier to cook a pizza specially for a beginner, as it is not very close to flame, so end up with burned edges. If you can afford it get the other 16" deal, if you don't want to spend $500, this Hizo 14" should be ok.

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    Does the code still work?

  • Code not working anymore? Doesn't seem to be for me anyway.

    Mark as Expired?

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