expired Luxcine ESP300HD LED HT Projector 720P 1280x800 Native, 2x HDMI $389 + Free Post @ JungleJumble


Native 1280x800 HD 720P resolution,2600 lumens brightness, 1200:1 contrast, 1080P supported via HDMI compatible components, LED Lamp capable of 20,000+ hours of usage, Ceiling Mountable - 80% Lens offset for trouble free positioning and ceiling mounting, Digital Keystone Correction.

Snatched these specs from another website:

Feature Details
Brand Name luxcine
Model Number ESP300HD
Type Digital Projector
Style LED
Use Business, Education, Home
Home Theater Projector Yes
Portable Yes
Brightness 2800lumens
Contrast Ratio 1200:1
Weight 3kgs
Resolution 1280x800
Projection Distance 2-4m
Lamp LED
Lens 5 glasses with 80% lens offset
Place of Origin Sichuan, China (Mainland)
Projection System LED+Single LCD
Brightness 2800 lumens
Support 1080p
Keystone Correction Digital Keystone Correction
Noise less than 28dB


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    On face value it seems like a great deal. I wonder if someone with more experience with projectors can chime in? Contrast perhaps a bit low, but for the price…


    I'd expect lowish quality compared to a brand name, but probably still good value for the price.

    Here's the projectorCentral.com page on it:

    Cheapest data projector from Officeworks is $399 (it's not HD):

    Cheapest Home Theatre 720p projector from Officeworks is $630:


    Digital Keystone Correction << is it both vertical and horizontal keystone?
    how far can it off center?


    I'd probably cave in to temptation and purchase if it was $299 (after reading the reviews and opinions which are not too glowing in some cases)… Also the website (luxcine.com.au) makes some pretty rich claims (such as highest resolution LED projector in the world)…


    the luxcine au website gets alerts from AVG "Exploit Parallels' Plesk Panel compromise" anyway there is a .com site and here is the ESP-300 http://www.luxcine.com/projector_214.php

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    Just hoping they don't use the same Lux meter they rate LED torches in China.


    How do the measure pixels per inch on a projector?


    pixels per inch?……pixels are set


    Is the deal over now?

    I was thinking about it and the price has gone up.


    Hi, Sorry forgot to add expiry date to listing my apologies. I have updated to expired.


    Can you put it back on sale or its not up to you?



    Thanks for putting it back on sale, I just bought one.

    Hopefully its not like the previous model.

    Luxcine ESP103
    Brightness(Engineering): 200 ANSI Lumens
    Brightness(Marketing):1200 Lumens

    I bought it before reading that, 200 lumens isn't much.

    If 2600 lumens is the "marketing" brightness I won't be happy with it as this was quite a major purchase for me, more money than I have spent at once in the last 2 years.


    Hi, The Luxcine LED PJ's have progressed significantly since the ESP103 which is over 4 years ago. Thanks again for your purchase,interested to hear your feedback as well.

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