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[PS5] Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition $78.06 @ PlayStation Store


can try to use TCN teen or kids gift cards for further 15%

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • probably the best looking game I've ever seen..and this doesn't even have RT anything

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      RT provides accuracy, but not necessarily a more pleasing image. One day, but not yet.

      • Accuracy… technically its a more "accurate" expression of how light behaves. But its better described as lighting realism technology. At least DF describe it this way, and they are the graphics gods.

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    If anyone wants a physical edition it's currently on special on Amazon Spain. Still comes out to be about $110 including shipping but there aren't really many options for this game.
    Fingers crossed it'll be compatible with the save game from my Australian disc. EU games usually are but you never know.


    • This is a website for deals. Not overpriced products. It isn't called OzRipOff.

      JB Hi-Fi sells the stardard Edition for $59


      The DLC is only $19. Why anyone would want to pay an extra $30 I have no idea.

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        i heard that this complete edition will be on 2 discs n all expansion DLC will be on disc instead of a code to redeem n download.
        so i guess why many ppl will prefer everything on disc? its also quite rare to have game + expansion all on disc nowadays.

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        Geez, calm down. Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

        Plenty of reasons to buy the physical copy as described by llzzz. Having a fully patched copy with the DLC included on disc, that won't ever require any internet connectivity is appealing to plenty of people.

        And regardless of your opinions regarding physical media, whilst this isn't cheap by any means it is 33% off the RRP so therefore it DOES qualify as a deal.

    • Not sure whether anyone cares, but I received my copy today from Amazon Spain and I can confirm that the physical version is compatible with the save game from my Australian copy of the vanilla version.

      Edit: Hilarious that whoemever created the LeeRoyBrown7 account having a go at me, did it 3 minutes before their post and hasn't posted since. Pretty sad individual if they went through all that just to post one dumb comment.

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    For anyone with the base game already, the Burning Shores expansion is also 35% off at the PS store at $19.46 - https://www.playstation.com/en-au/games/horizon-forbidden-we…

  • Come to pc in 2024, fitgirl gonna repack it free

  • See what happens with the optimisation on pc later in 2024, for those that have both the console and a pc, and have not yet played this game.

  • can try to use TCN teen or kids gift cards for further 15%

    Good tip, thanks

  • Im playing this right now, and i have to say all the trailers, gameplay, and marketing presented it as though the game takes place in tropical waters.

    I'm pretty far through the story, and it's all desert. Im about to reach the far west of the map and assume that's where the blue water is.

    Im enjoying the game, but it's not a sunny water world. It's a dust bowl with mountians so far.

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