Factory Reset an Ubuntu Digital Signage Player Question


I need to do a factory reset on a 5 year old Ubuntu based digital signage player.

I can access the control panel but I cannot initiate a factory reset as it is password protected.

I purchased it from a US based company years ago.

No experience when it comes to Ubuntu ha ha ha…

Any simple way of using a usb flash drive and it will take care of the factory reset by itself ha ha ha…


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    Model number?

    • ^^ Will need more info to get an idea of what your best way of fixing this will be, digital signs I'd imagine probably vary in the controllers that they use

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    Someone found a traffic sign with unlocked control panel.

    • Unlocked control box, unlocked wheels and no trailer lock. Then towed it home and now wants to use it on their front lawn.

    • Shhhh…. :-)

  • Next up, How to input "420/69 Nice!"?

  • Ha ha ha google Ubuntu.

    • Thank you for all the replies.

      It makes sense guys :-)

  • Five years old, is the maker even still supporting it? I been using raspberry pi for digital signage and it's mostly alright. Would probably look at a TV with the software built in though if I were to do it all over again.

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