Laptop for High School - Budget $650

My nieces need new laptops for School (Year 8) under $650. They play minecraft, roblox ect. I've found the two below

Acer Aspire 3 15.6-inch i3-N305/16GB/512GB - Blue $597

Acer Aspire 5 i5 16GB 512GB SSD 15.6" Notebook NX.AT2SA.002 Comes down to $634

Would the Aspire 5 with the dedicated graphics be worth it over the 3? Any better out there under $650?


  • Acer Aspire 5 for sure. i5 Processor.

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    Really should be looking at more portable laptops. 13~14inch strongly recommended.

    Video game performance should really be deprioritized, low-end discrete graphics cards nowadays can be matched by AMD Ryzen APU's — a Ryzen 5 APU can run Minecraft and Roblox comfortably. Having Discrete graphics cards also means you get less battery life too, and additional bulk that you have to carry around.

    Take a look at the MSI modern 14 series (they're usually in the sub $800 range, as low as $650). If you want to spend even less perhaps even grab a refurbished ex-corporate Lenovo Thinkpad (X series or T480s series)

    • or Dell 73-series or HP Elitebook …

    • Always wondered, how to find genuine sellers of ex corporate devices? Any recommendations ?

      • Lots of refurb sellers on ebay, just stick with the sellers that have close to 100% feedback, have high sales volumes (look at their seller profile / star ratings) and have been running for at least more than a few years. If item is SNAD you at least have ebay money back guarantee to fall back on.

  • Does your school have a BYOD spec?

    • Just 8GB and 256GB HDD no mention of processor.

      She wants something that will hopefully last them 3-4 years.

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        Sure they don't need a Chromebook?

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          Windows or Mac

          • @Trueno: Do they have iPhones and iPads already? That would swing you to Mac

            • @sumyungguy: OP does have a $650 budget though.

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                @CrispyChrispy: I was thinking pre-owned MacBook Air 13-inch, but acknowledge OP may prefer new. And if they don't have the other devices of course there's no need

  • OP just be aware that acer aspire is bottom of the barrel quality, annoying to use, touch pad and keyboard missed strokes, hinges may break early, cheaply made parts etc

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