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Cozze 13" Electric Pizza Oven $466.65 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Been waiting for this to go on sale, looks like it's a limited quantity deal.

In anticipation of all the WHY? comments - because it gets MUCH hotter, MUCH faster than your oven at home, allowing you to produce pizzas similar to a wood fired oven.

I've been looking for an upgrade from my trusty MasterPro Pizza Oven, it has been an excellent introduction to pizza making and was a good test to see if I'd actually make enough pizza to justify a more powerful / expensive oven. Been slinging pizzas at least once a week since getting it, and have been very happy with the results!

That said, the oven just didn't have enough power to push out a nice Neapolitan style (or Nearlypolitan) crust. I was set on an electric oven, as I wanted to use it indoors and not have my pizza cravings crushed by inclement weather (Note - the Cozze isn't technically rated for indoor use, but it can be). I was initially looking at the Breville Pizzaiolo and the Ooni Volt but struggled to justify the cost.

I then stumbled upon two new contenders - the 13" Cozze Electric and the Cuisinart Pizzera Pro. They were both electric, with the Cuisinart being able to hit 400 degrees Celsius vs the 430-450 Celcius (claim varies by website) on the Cozze. I found the Cuisinart for just over $300 on Good Guys Commercial and that was too good to pass up - but it was also too good to be true. The Cuisinart could technically reach 400 degrees, but the placement of the heating elements meant that you couldn't really deliver a Neapolitan Crust either, in fact - I was able to bake a better pizza in the sub $100 MasterPro! Even Cuisinart's own demo video can't really produce the kinds of pizzas that they were initially advertising, and isn't any better than a conventional oven. If you're looking at the cheapest way to get into an electric pizza oven - the MasterPro is still the one to buy and is also on sale for about $92 delivered via eBay codes at the moment.

That led me back to the Cozze. It had already been released in Europe, and I liked what it could do:

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3 / Mini Review
Example 4 of larger 17" version - not in English
Example 5 - not in English
Example 6 - also not in English, but with closed captions / translation enabled - testing it indoors

I also noticed that the Cozze tends to go on sale for about 15% off, so I've been patiently waiting and its finally happened so I decided to roll the dice!

Cozze vs Breville and Ooni:

  • Same 2 year warranty (interestingly the Cuisinart comes with a 3 year warranty, but just can't recommend it when the MasterPro exists. The Breville has had numerous instances of failure within warranty period, the Ooni and the Cozze are still too early to tell)
  • Bigger pizza stone than the Breville (12"), about the same as the Ooni (13") - meaning ever so slightly bigger pizzas
  • Powerful triple heating elements (2200W baby!) delivering similar temperatures and for sub 60 second bakes, just like the Breville and the Ooni
  • All three get up to temp in about 20 minutes
  • Breville is the smallest, the Cozze and Ooni are similar sized (and pretty big, check if it fits your kitchen!)
  • On sale, the Cozze costs $466, the Breville ~$720ish, and the Ooni ~$1200ish

Hopefully biting into that soft and cronchy Neapolitan crust very, very soon. Cowabunga dudes!

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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    I appreciate your detailed pizza oven write-ups :)

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      I appreciate your appreciation!

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    Only 13 inches..

    • That’s not what she said

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    Appreciate the write up!

  • For those that don't have prime and/or gift cards it is $2 cheaper ($464 including shipping) here:

    • That's the gas powered version! It's on sale for $339, if you don't need the LED. Pro-tip, you don't need the LED!

  • the MasterPro is still the one to buy and is also on sale for about $92 delivered via eBay codes at the moment.

    With code BFDEAL it's $79.20 for me, not sure whether eBay Plus is needed or not.

    • Oh sorry - my code included shipping to Melbourne! I am currently an eBay Plus member too.

      • Ah my bad, didn't notice the postage cost

    • $89 if you live near a Harris Scarfe

  • Why not use gas? Presume gas gets to temperature quicker and even higher temperature than electric?

    Is the electrical usable indoors? Not too much smoke?

    • Mostly because I want to use it indoors, but also because I don't want to be tied to a gas canister all the time. This guy tests the oven indoors and claims that it's stable, but your mileage may vary!

  • Thanks for sharing!

    Have you seen the Diavola Pro v2?

    550c temperature! Neapolitan in 60 secs.

    I emailed them about delivery, but unfortunately they can't ship to Australia :(

    • +1

      I have - it also looks like an absolute beast!

    • Someone should import these to Australia, since we have the right voltage!

      Let us know if you find a way/deal! :)

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