Furniture Moving Lifter Lever and Rollers Sliders Dollies

Crowbar thingy to lift up edge or corner of furniture
Mini dollies to slide under

Tada you don't need to pay mini movers or airtasker randoms

Ive seen videos but searching for these brings up endless cr&p and I can't tell which is safe

Has anyone bought and used some that were decent quality?

Recommendations please?


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    I can tell you the small dollies for $20/30 will handle a few moves of heavy items and uneven ground but past that, they will collapse.

    Better off with a furniture dolly for underneath. For lifting, the trick is pieces of wood on a sack truck.

    For super pita items, we borrowed a pallet lifter - friggin amazing 👏

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    I bought this ( from an info-mercial and they gave 2 for 1 bonus blah blah.. For YEARS I just kept it in its box thinking it was silly.

    As you'd expect this story to go, it's been a fantastic product. Used it a bunch when I had to re-arrange a bedroom (including queen size bed and desk) to accommodate some family during a difficult time, plus used it a bunch during Covid to make room for WFH etc.

    I have both floor boards and carpet and the thing has been great assisting with couches, cabinets etc being moved around the house. No damage to carpet or floor boards.

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    Bigger wheels will get over more obstacles.

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