Please Suggest a Quiet Mouse with Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling


Wife needs a new mouse.
Something quiet
Something with horizontal and vertical scroll.
Preferably corded - because wires always work.
Something less than $50ish

Please make some suggestions.
I see Logitech have some in the price range but wireless and I dont know how clicky and rattly the scroll sounds are. The one she has now, an old Dell K251D is noisy when scrolling.
I find it hard to find corded mice that are anything other than barebones.

Potential ones were the M720, M325S or M650 but .. how noisy are their scrolling?

Thank you


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    I have the G502 Hero ($64 on special now, RRP $149) and it's fairly quiet. The mouse wheel has a bumpy scroll, but also has a button which disengages the resistance on it, making it free-moving and silent. The horizontal scrolling (via rocking the mouse-wheel left and right) will sound normal though, which again is pretty quiet. It may be possible to program the DPI shift key to turn the vertical scroll into horizontal.…

    • yay! unless i get better recommendations this is the winner so far

      is it easy to accidentally scroll horizontally ( when trying to scroll vertically) ? or not.

      is the non free spin vertically fairly quiet?

      • Accidental horizontal scrolling has never happened to me
        Vertical scrolling is quiet enough, a low dull noise.

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          wow what a video! haha.
          Sounds like all buttons / scrolls make "the same noise" and none is louder than the others. Which is good

        • is the horizontal scroll a hold-and-it-will-scroll-in-that-direction or tap to move "one notch" to the right? or a mix of both?

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    I have the MX Master 2 and 3, both are pretty good. Similar to @BoltThrower it has the bumpy scroll but can be disengaged. It also has a horizontal scroll along with some other buttons which can be customized. The only noise you hear is the clicking of the mouse, the scroll is silent, you wouldn't even know I am scrolling.

    I use the MX Master 3 every day and WFH I get no complaints from my wife. I have it paired with the MX Keys and both are a great combo. There are a few specials recently for the Combo. Not really within your budget, but well worth it in my view. I've had my kit for a fair while now and wouldn't go back to a cheaper Logitech Combo.

    • yes unfortunately i don't want to spend that much on a mouse

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        You won't regret it. I certainly don't! $104 on Amazon at the moment.

        • hows the horizontal scrolling on it?
          can it be used as it charges?
          does it have usb c?

          • @FoxJump:

            hows the horizontal scrolling on it?

            Its pretty good for the odd times I am using it, mainly Google Sheets.

            can it be used as it charges

            Yes, but it can be annoying.

            does it have usb c?

            Yes. I generally charge it over the weekend or overnight, its pretty quick and lasts a while. The MX Master 2 (and I have two of them) last ages. I rarely get a "its going flat" notification on my mouse, more on my MX Keys.

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      There's also the MX Master 3S, with the "S" meaning silent.

      Have got an OG MX Master (1) still going strong. Have had to crack it open to fix the known issue with the thumb button (see but apart from that love it!

      @FoxJump - you're not going to get the features you want in an acceptable quality at your target price. Given my previous mouse (😢) lasted me a good decade or so, ~$100 is not sheep stations…

      • My MX Master 3 (according to the bottom of the mouse), it still silence besides the clicking. Not sure if the 3S has a quieter clicker?

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          It's quieter; I have both 3 and 3S

          • @kerfuffle: Okay, good to know. I'll get the 3S next time I am in need of another one.

    • yeah i saw.
      but i ended up buying the m720 for $44
      it arrives tomorrow. hopefully it doesn't suck

  • Logitech M331 is silent, but you get what you pay for, less comfort, etc.

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