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[eBay Plus] Sennheiser GSP 670 Wireless Headset $135.20, Samsung U32J590 32"4K FreeSync Monitor $241.50 Shipped @ Titangear eBay


Cheapest so far. These items are now further discounted with EXTRA10OFFBF

Enjoy :)

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    Does anyone who does video/photo editing have any opinions on the monitor?
    Obviously not built for gaming, but I do need a monitor specifically aimed at video/photo editing.
    Or am I better off with an ultra wide 1440p monitor for the extra space?
    I wont be editing videos at 4k to be fair.

    • Look for an rtings review and check the colour accuracy measurements.

      • yeah seems like I may be better off waiting.
        Apparently it has pretty terrible brightness. The colour accuracy is not terrible, but not amazing out of the box. And I am not spending another $200 on a calibration tool.

        • +1

          I'm not amazing with monitors, but I'd recommend an IPS panel for photo/vid editing.
          Even with a good monitor, the colours will move around over a couple months. So you may still need a calibration tool (depending on how serious you are).

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      bought a Samsung 32" 5 months ago (coz it is cheapest 32" around), it is rated to 4K 65Hz, but it flickers. I have to down tune it to 50Hz)

      another bad thing about the VA monitor is I find color accuracy is not good. I have a good LCD on my laptop and find it way better in color.

      In short regretted my decision to go with Samsung monitors. I will be looking at other brands for my next one.

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        I think I'm going to save and go with a reputable ultra wide model that is aimed at video editing.
        Probably will go with something OLED

    • +1

      For Photo Editting, this deal might be better https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/815212 since it advertised as sRGB 100% and DCI-P3 98%.

      QLED IPS also has an advantage of no screen burn-in when drawing/photo editing for an extended ammount of time.

      • looks like a solid option for the price. Thanks!

  • Can the monitor automatically detect and switch to the active input source?

  • These headphones are so gosh darn heavy I got a headache after like 30 mins of wearing it.

    • I have the 370s too but I only ever use the 670s lol. Prefer how they fit

      • how is the range? online reviews suggest you cant move very far away from the USB receiver

    • I am using it, much better than a lot of cheap, light, plastic feel headsets in the market.
      This is my 5th headset in last 5 years…

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