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SanDisk 1.5TB Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card $209.25 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU

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First time poster please edit where needed.

Original price: $256.73

Picked one up for my steam deck for my rom library.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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  • Work on the switch?

    • +5

      Yes, 2TB is the maximum for a Switch

      • Sweet. I been loading games off USB HDD but a SD card would be a lot better.

  • +1

    This or 3 x 512gb for $39 each at Officeworks?

    • +1

      Sold out aus wide since last week lol

      • +1

        damn, i was excited to pick one up tomorrow

        • There is always the 64gb Samsung cards mentioned on another post today for $7 at Amazon.

          You could buy nearly 30 of them for the same price as the 1.5TB card and you would technically have more storage at around 1.9TB I think?

    • +2

      What was this deal? I can't find it

      Edit: sorry just realised it's not $39 for 3 haha

    • +1

      But there is only 1 micro sd card slot!

  • Is this legit or a fake

    • It's both shipped and sold by amazon so it's as legit as an amazon listing can get. It's not even a terribly good deal imo, almost twice the price of the 1tb version when it's on special, so only get it if you really need over 1tb in a single card

  • How is this for storage of photos and videos?

    • +19

      It will store them.

    • +2

      That's alotta 'photos and videos' to lose in one go…

  • 512 is still the sweet spot in terms of value.

  • +2

    Note V10 speeds just like the 1TB model

    At the minimum 10MB/s write, filling this card completely would take 40+ hours

    At these prices, you are much better off buying 3x normal 512GB V30 cards and also reduce the risk of 1.5TB being corrupted in one hit

    • +3

      My Switch only has one slot though.

    • +1

      Not sure why you get neg voted. It is a valid point. It may not be 10MB/s average, but minimum sequential write could be close to 10MB/s.

      I tested a Sandisk Ultra, and I am getting about 20MB/s average write. FAT32 formatted though.

      • +1

        This drive looks like it is using the newest BiCS6 162L QLC NAND

        A1 spec controller (low IOPS), V10 (low sustained write) and no U rating (drive will overheat with bulk continuous writes)

        It says a lot that SanDisk offer a 10 year warranty on both the 1TB and 1.5TB drives yet Samsung do not even sell a 1TB card

    • Agreed, you have to be prepared to wait while you copy stuff onto this microsd.
      And if you were to send 1.5tb all in one go, the card will get toasty too

  • +1

    Sigh.. really wish Samsung didn't get rid of the SDCard slots on their phones. So crap have to put up with overpriced storage options on their Flagships.

    • +2

      Not just Samsung. I switched to using a USB-C to MicroSD card reader and just carry that with my keychain and plug it into the phone whenever i need it.

      • Ive always wanted to do that. But concerned about how nasty the connection is going to get, if i spill water in it, if i drop my keys, it breaks and i loose everything etc.
        Which one do you use?

        • +2

          Just whichever off aliexpress. i recently got one that is USB3.1 speed, it's a bit chunky, but on aliexpress look for brands like Baseus, Ugreen, Robotsky, Essager. It's not bad at all. I just load/copy movie files on/off it, then unplug and keep separately. I also have a microsd to USB A, then a USB A to USB C as well, in case the loading of microsd is from a USB A port.

  • meanwhile samsung not even released a 1TB microSD card yet…

    • And they don't even offer half of that on their top of the range "small phone".
      S23 limited to 256GB while apple 15 pro goes till 1TB…

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