Amazon Wants Me to Ship Back a Leaking Detergent Bottle

4lt bottle of OMO leaked all over the other items, customer service representative says they need the bottle back.

Is there any way to contact someone in Amazon Australia to bypass live chat, I don't think Aus Post likes known leaking liquids being shipped.

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    You can ship whatever remaining in the bottle. Put the bottle inside a plastic before putting in a box. Use the prepaid return label they provide.

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    Just ship it back.

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    Just don't tell OZPo that it's leaking.

  • Did they ask you to use Austpost? Returns I've done you just drop it off at a parcelpoint collection site.

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    Double zip lock bag + polymailer. Tape all the gaps. She'll be right mate.

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    Tip out all liquid, ship the empty bottle.

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      Tip out the liquid into another bottle/spare to use* ;)

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    Leave it a day and see if you have better luck with a different agent.

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    Keep trying till you get someone that isnt an idiot.

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    I just question them until they get to the most logical outcome, which is a refund sans return.

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    I bought a 3x Dove 1l soap, 1x bottle opened on the way and leaked, when report it automatically tells you to ship it back, I jumped on chat and he just made a new order for me and said to dump the leaking bottle. I thought he was going to put an order for only 1x but I actually got 3x more lol

  • Put the bottle into a plastic bag, tap it up and ship it back.

    Some sellers want the item back

    • tip the bottle into a plastic bag, tie knot in bag, send the plastic bag

      • But that isn't what they asked for ;)

  • I don't think Aus Post likes known leaking liquids being shipped.

    how would they know.

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    Thats weird, the exact same thing happened to me, a bottle of fabric softener was carelessly chucked into a box with noodles and leaked all through it, seeping into the noodles. I sent them pictures and they gave me a refund with minimal questioning. They didnt ask for anything shipped back :(

    • My US friends have been complaining about amazon going down hill for a while with shit like this. Between the 6 hours i spent on the phone on black friday. My 2fa number was wrong and the one i wanted to use was apparently tied to another account so they suggested I sign in with the number. That gave me an error that there was no account tied to the number so they asked me to reset password (note you dont get that option until after it finds the account). This was the highest I could go apparently and then they just told me they can delete the account with prime, ebooks digital purchases etc and I can buy again.

      It took me 10 minutes with amazon us customer service to at least get the process started since they arent technically meant to deal with the au domain. Hopefully these are outliers because amazons customer service is one of the main things that makes it appealing to me.

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